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Rebel rampage

Kinglake Ranges News – First for Footy
Alexandra Recreation Reserve.

Alexandra was spared the fierce winds affecting most of the state on Saturday. Whilst still windy it was nothing like that at most local football grounds with many matches severely affected by the extreme northerly winds.

Alexandra kicked the opening goal and used the wide-open spaces of their large home ground and quickly established a 27-point lead with Kinglake kicking just one goal. Alexandra’s Matthew Steiner (7) started elbowing players and breaking the ‘rules of the game’ behind play and continued doing so throughout the match.

Kinglake had five centre clearances to Alexandra’s five but couldn’t capitalise with Alexandra having 14 inside 50s to Kinglake’s 8.

At quarter time, Kinglake coach Brad Wilkinson told players that “We’re being bullied…pushed around and showing no (expletive) fight.”

“They’re harder at the footy than us and we look (expletive) soft.”

“Wheels, Chalmers, Presty get tougher…we’re looking soft and getting out worked.”

A melee early in the second quarter saw Alexandra’s Ryley Norris yellow-carded off the ground before then kicking three goals in the third and fourth quarters earning Alexandra’s second best on ground.

Kinglake kicked its second goal of the match ten minutes into the quarter and another goal shortly afterwards.

Whilst Kinglake slowed down Alexandra’s forward attack they didn’t capitalise on the wind advantage though did reduce the margin to 21 points at half-time.

Alexandra used the wind advantage to quickly widen the margin kicking six goals and four points while Kinglake managed two goals six giving Alexandra a 42-point margin at the last change. Kinglake still dominated centre clearances before Alexandra quickly took control, having 15 inside 50s to just seven from Kinglake.

At the three-quarter time huddle Alexandra coach Sam Kidd instructed his players to
“run Kinglake off their feet.”

“Let’s use the wide-open spaces and home ground advantage to see how much Kinglake really want the footy.”

“Work harder than them [Kinglake] and wear them out.”

Whilst Wilkinson told Kinglake players to “fight this thing out” and to “keep their heads up.”

“Lets kick the first two [goals] and get around the boys.”

“We’ve got to throw everything into this last half hour.”

Alexandra were too strong on their home ground winning by 71 points. Alexandra 18.13 (121) to Kinglake 7.8 (50).

It was a different story in netball with Kinglake’s A, C and D grade all defeating Alexandra with only B grade losing by 18 points.

In other matches Thornton-Eildon surprised pundits winning both seniors and reserves matches, recording their first wins of the season against Yea.

Next week Kinglake travel to Seville whilst Alexandra will travel to Yea. There’s three rounds to go as which teams will make finals takes shape.

KINGLAKE:    1.0 (6)     3.2 (20)     5.8 (38)    7.8 (50)
GOALS: Ethan Robinson 2, Cam Arnott 2, Jayden Butterworth, Lachlan White, James Whelan.
Will Graf, Hadrian Prest, James Whelan, Ryan Mitchell, Ethan Robinson, Jayden Butterworth.

ALEXANDRA:  5.3 (33)     6.5 (41)     12.9 (81)    18.13 (121)
GOALS: Brayden Norris 7, Ryley Norris 3, Jasper Rouget 2, Scott Hill 2, Scott Heveren, Callum Tranter, Sam Woollard, Ben Cooper.
BEST: Brayden Norris, Ryley Norris, Ben Cooper, Michael Coombs, Sam Woollard, Callum Tranter.

KINGLAKE:   1.0 (6)     1.1 (7)     1.2 (8)    1.2 (8)
GOALS: Aaron Westworth.
BEST: Ryan Hurst, Jess Rabjones, Rodney Pratt, Andrew Young, Seth Perkins, Aaron Westworth.

ALEXANDRA:   6.4 (40)     13.8 (86)     17.13 (115)    23.17 (155)
GOALS: Jedd Hamill 6, Scott Isaacs 6, Conor Heaslip 3, Jonathan Noy 2, Ben Podger-Carroll, Brent McDonald, Paul Brookes, Daniel Roper, Nicholas Waugh, Tim Fielden.
BEST: Nicholas Waugh, Jonathan Noy, Conor Heaslip, Jedd Hamill, Ben Podger-Carroll, Paul Brookes.

KINGLAKE:  14   26   42   (56)
GOALS: Samantha Goggins 36, Laura Atkins 13, Jade White 7.
BEST: Alice Waack, Kylie Wyatt, Samantha Goggins.

ALEXANDRA:  5   11   15   (18)
GOALS: Lauren Steyger 11, Emma Kidd 5, Rebecca Wallis 2.
BEST: Lauren Steyger, Caitlan Haggis, Emma Kidd.

KINGLAKE:   8   18   33   (43)
GOALS: Jade White 23, Kelsey Smith 20.
BEST: Kelsey Smith, Jade White, Ellie Hendrie-McDonald.

ALEXANDRA:   20   34   46   (61)
GOALS: Shona Gesler 36, Emma Kidd 25.
BEST: Olivia Twining, Emma Kidd, Loren Hedger.

KINGLAKE:   4        10        21        (28)
Olivia Turner Dickason 17, Sally Ann Nott 11.
Sally Ann Nott, Olivia Turner Dickason, Carly Fowles.

ALEXANDRA:         7          13        22        (27)
GOALS: Mandy Gesler 16, Rachel Manthorpe 11.
Kelly Cleven, Laura Westwood, Rachel Manthorpe.

KINGLAKE:   4   7   13   (19)
GOALS: Haylee Whykes 8, Rebecca Gallo 7, Tegan Smith 4.
BEST: Melanie Gerlach, Rebecca Gallo, Chloe Robinson.

ALEXANDRA:   6   14   15   (15)
GOALS: Jorja Gesler 10, Jaymie Elward 5.
BEST: Joanne Steele, Sophie Bowe, Erin Ware.

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