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Your 2018 State Election candidates

The four Lower House (Legislative Assembly) candidates for Eildon are:
Sally Brennan, Australian Labor Party
Ken Deacon, Australian Greens
Michelle Dunscombe, Independent
Cindy McLeish, Liberal Party (Incumbent)

The eight Lower House (Legislative Assembly) candidates for Yan Yean are:
• Bansal Munish
Danielle Green, Australian Labor Party (Incumbent)
Hugh McKinnon, Australian Greens
Arthur Bablis, Democratic Labour Party
Siobhann Brown, Australian Liberty Alliance
Meralyn Klein, Liberal Party
David Snelling, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party
• Yassin Albarri, Independent

The three Lower House (Legislative Assembly) candidates for Eltham are:
Nick McGowan, Liberal Party
Vicki Ward, Australian Labor Party (Incumbent)
Matthew Goodman, Australian Greens

The four Lower House (Legislative Assembly) candidates for Euroa are:
Don Firth
Fionna Deppeler-Morton, Australian Labor Party
Keppel Cassidy, Australian Greens
Steph Ryan, The Nationals

Candidates for the Upper House (Legistave Council) for the Northern Victoria Region an be viewed by clicking here.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s ‘Victoria Votes’ website can be found here for further information on candidates and parties for the 2018 Victorian State Election.


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