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Turnbull backs Banyule Council’s concerns about tunnelling under Banyule Flats

The Turnbull coalition government has backed Banyule City Council’s concerns that tunnelling under Banyule Flats for the North East Link could threaten endangered plant, animal and vegetation species at Banyule Swamp and Banyule Billabong.

The government has issued guidelines for the North East Link Authority to prepare a Public Environment Report identifying the environmental issues around the area following submissions made by local community environment groups and Banyule Council.

In its submission, Banyule Council presented evidence gathered over two and half years into the ecological and conservation features of Banyule Flats and Banyule Billabong which confirmed the area’s state environmental significance. Details were also presented of visits to the area by international migratory birds from Japan.

Banyule Mayor Cr Mark Di Pasquale said Council is taking every possible step to ensure the environmental value of Banyule Flats and Banyule Billabong is protected from the impact of the North East Link project.

“The North East Link Authority is preparing this Public Environment Report using information provided by Council and its own ecological assessments.

“Once this Report is finished the public will have 10 business days to make a submission on it.

“Council will be making a submission and I encourage the community to have their say so we can truly get the best possible outcome,” Cr Di Pasquale said.


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