Tree planting at Fawcett. PHOTO: Murrindindi Shire/Supplied

In celebration of National Tree Day on Sunday, July 30 and Schools Tree Day on Friday, July 28, Murrindindi Shire Council supported several local tree-planting activities by supplying plants, garden stakes, tree guards and equipment, with over 1000 plants going in the ground across six sites.

On National Tree Day, Home Creek Spring Creek Landcare Group, together with Alexandra Scouts, led by Sarah Southam, planted around 250 plants along the Rail Trail in the Fawcett area.

For Schools National Tree Day, the Yea Primary Schools, with support from Upper Goulburn Landcare Network (UGLN), planted over 200 plants along a section of Boundary Creek in Yea, predominantly grasses and ground covers.

Students from St Mary’s Primary School in Alexandra planted 100 shrubs in the existing established garden beds along UT Creek in Alexandra.

These garden beds were originally planted out by St Mary’s students several years back, so it was nice for the students to see how the plants were doing and to supplement the beds with extra plants where it was needed.

Before National Tree Day, Council also arranged for a small group of volunteers to plant sections of Old Josephine Cutting, Grannies Lane and McColl Lane in Alexandra. The group planted around 600 shrubs, grasses, rushes and sedges collectively at these sites.

UGLN, which is made up of several local Landcare groups, also hosted planting events across the Shire with their members and they are planning future planting activities. If you’d like to get involved, click here to visit the UGLN website and find a group near you.

Murrindindi Shire Council Mayor John Walsh said: “Well done to everyone involved in the National Tree Day planting activities across the Shire. You have made a significant contribution to our environment, and you should be very proud of your efforts.

“Not only did these events result in over 1000 plantings; they brought our community together and created a special opportunity for us to appreciate the wonderful place in which we live.”

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