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Elon Musk. Hypocritic lying gronk.

Mr Elon Musk, yes, that Elon Musk, is a liar who tows the line for his puppet masters.

Elon Musk is a lying shill. His own actions have confirmed such.

Mr Musk did not bother cutting off people threatening my partner with rape, because you know, free speech, but soon as he’s called out it’s sudden lock the accounts down fast.

But threatening to rape a woman, that’s all fine business according to free speech advocate Elon Musk.

No one, including Father Bob’s cobbers didn’t see you cutting off @geelanlies who was threatening to rape my partner, that’s free speech hey? Double standards writ large.

Elon Musk only believes in some free speech, free speech that suits his agenda, other than that he’s a lying gronk and selling everyone else out like spongecake.

Obeying his Masters.

Elon Musk only likes ‘some’ free speech, the free speech where one is licking his backside or otherwise ‘free speech’ nah, he tows the line of his puppet masters.

So why the fuck does the @geelanlies account still exist? See your own double standards and blatant hypocrisy?

Those X accounts that attacked Father Bob that you did fuck all about – none-nada-zilch-fuck all –  because ya know, free speech, and all? They’re fine business but when you are called out free speech suddenly one’s account disappears?

What about all the people you allowed to attack Father Bob’s friend’s? That, OK, but I asking some questions of cops. I wonder who’s a puppet master. Least we know now Mr Musk that you are just another puppet being controlled by Masters.

Free speech hey? What utter bullshit you speak. You mean some free speech that doesn’t upset yu or your puppet masters, which is not free speech is it.

So you support free speech that agrees with your view or cut it off other’s views? So much for free speech hey Mr Musk and X being the platform, well, thanks for showing me (and others) that your statements about ‘X’ and free speech are all utter fucking bullshit, and you’ve proven it.

Nah, well it is Elon Musk who wouldn’t know how to put an Apple][ nor Tandy TS or an old AMIGA together ..

So much for free speech hey Elon? Some free speech where I can collect some cashola, is what you really mean.

You don’t care about free speech, you care about collecting cash and the rest is just a shitshow of utter bullshit you spin daily …

Hypocrisy 101. Writ large.

Proof positive of absolute hypocrisy. That’s you Mr Musk, so much for being a free speech advocate.


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