Media keep talking about alleged murderer’s dad. No one cares.

It's Samantha Murphy media should be talking about. No one cares that the accused murderer's dad played 15 games of AFL footy.

Samantha Murphy. PHOTO: Instagram.

It’s Samantha Murphy media should be talking about. No one cares that the accused murderer’s dad played 15 games of AFL footy.

Appalling isn’t the right word. There are other words I’d prefer to use. Rather than report  Samantha’s plight, Queensland Courier-Mail reporter, Aisling Brennan talks about the alleged murderer’s “famous” dad. 

On International Women’s Day, the day after 22-year-old Patrick Orren Stephenson was charged with murder, we are talking about a “famous footballer?”

The article title and sub-head. SOURCE:

Brennan’s sub-headline: “The 22-year-old man accused of killing Samantha Murphy on the day she vanished had spent his teenage years playing footy just like his famous dad.”

Think about those words “famous dad.” Have you heard of him? I never have.

Orren Stephenson, the accused’s father, played just 15 games with Geelong and Richmond from 2012 to 2014. He is not “famous” at all.

Ted Whitten is a famous footballer. Jack Dyer is a famous footballer. Mick Malthouse is a famous footballer.

If Orren Stephenson was so “famous” he would have played a lot more than 15 games at AFL level over two years.

Why is News Corporation writing about this rather than what happened to Samantha?

The public doesn’t care – nor do they want to know – about an alleged murderer’s father’s “famous” football career. He’s not famous at all.

On International Women’s Day, we add this to ‘the list’. Four Corners exposè on Cranbrook by investigative journalist Louise Milligan, with lurid teachers writing sexual notes and innuendos to former female students. Looking up students’ skirts.

A woman was found murdered in a car boot in Sydney today. Man charged with the murder of Samantha Murphy yesterday.

Happy International Women’s Day?





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