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EXCLUSIVE: Financial documents not provided to postponed footy club AGM


Kinglake Football and Netball (KFNC) club supporters are concerned for the future of the club following tonight’s (Tuesday, October 10) annual general meeting (AGM) being postponed despite 10 locals present.

No financial documents were available with only a brief copy of last year’s minutes provided. Annual reports from the president, secretary or treasurer or financial reports were not available.

The annual general meeting wasn’t convened despite the presence of President Clinton Robinson, Vice President Guy White, Secretary Aaron Westworth and general committee member Kris Hamer.

“We haven’t all the financial documents … [we] need to sort out the GST side of things.”

“We’ll be struggling to have a club … with the numbers here tonight.”

“I’m waiting on the accountants.”

“We’ll do it all again [in] three weeks,” Robinson said.

The Kinglake Football/Netball Club’s AGM wasn’t adjourned properly, as required under the KFNC’s modified version of Consumer Affairs Victoria’s Model Rules for an Incorporated Association, last revised at a club committee meeting in 2009.

Ray Bartlam, Charles Exton, Avon Falkingham, Ashley Geelan, Mark Hildebrand and Chris Pingari also attended.

“I’ll tell you of a new AGM date as soon as I know it … probably in three weeks,” Robinson said.

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  1. Deja vu! Years ago, the Memorial Grounds cancelled an advertised AGM despite quite a few interested people turning up and some from the existing committee to find no meeting and no one to unlock the doors. All gave names and contact details to be provided with the new meeting time. Some were never contacted. This is a council delegated committee and should have to follow the rules of advertising the change in meeting date, but never did.

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