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Flowerdale postcode sorted

Australia Post recognise that properties once identified as part of the township of Hazeldene, 3658, will now officially be in Flowerdale’s postcode, 3717.

“This is an issue that has been raised by the Flowerdale community, including at community forums in Flowerdale. Council, local representatives and individual members of the public have been advocating for this change for some time,” Murrindindi Shire CEO Craig Lloyd said this week.

“A recent letter to Council from Federal Senator Mitch Fifield (Federal Minister for Communications), also confirmed that Australia Post has also made changes in its National Address File (NAF).

“An extract of the NAF is regularly provided to developers of address validation software, and is sold to organisations to correct or update their database of addresses.

“This means that as business and government organisations update their validation software, they should no longer experience problems locating the correct address and postcode when posting mail to residents in Flowerdale.

“While this might not sound like a big problem, it has been a serious issue for residents. It meant that the properties that were once part of the former Hazeldene locality effectively had two addresses for the same property – one in Hazeldene and one in Flowerdale.

“This had proven extremely problematic for services trying to locate homes in the area. Not to mention the inconvenience experienced by residents trying to prove their address in order to obtain services – such as those from AusNet, NBN or Centrelink, just to name a few,” Lloyd said.


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