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Grandview home robbed overnight


A home in Grandview Crescent, Kinglake was last night broken into with over $10,000 worth of jewellery and other items stolen.

The alleged thieves broke into the resident’s vehicle stealing a briefcase with identification, address documents and keys to the victim’s Mernda business whilst they were enjoying an evening at the Whittlesea Bowls Club.

“We came out of the bowls club to find they’d jammed something in the [car] door and have been able to open the car door,” Jane* said.

“We didn’t know we’d been robbed, but they knew they had time, at least half an hour to get from Whittlesea to Kinglake and rob us,” Jane said.

Knowing the residents weren’t home the alleged thieves have then driven from Whittlesea to the Grandview Crescent, Kinglake property whereby they kicked open the front door to gain access.

Anyone with information or who witnessed any unusual activity, vehicles or anything else ‘unusual’ in the Ganglehoff Hill area last night (Grandview Cr/Bald Spur Rd) should contact Sgt. Jimmy Harvey of Mitchell Crime Scene services on 0419 625 772 or (03)5783 0462.

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*Jane is not her real name. Kinglake Ranges News has withheld publishing the name and address of the victims.

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