HomeNewsHealesville man tackled to the ground in citizen's arrest near Macleod Station

Healesville man tackled to the ground in citizen’s arrest near Macleod Station

Police have charged a 41-year-old Healesville man following alleged thefts at Macleod station yesterday following reports a man was going through a female’s purse and placing the contents down his pants about 4.30pm.

When police arrived the man was allegedly observed  breaking into a car.

As police approached he ran off and was chased by police and a member of the public who tackled the alleged offender to the ground on a nearby football oval.

The man is alleged to have been involved in numerous offences throughout Melbourne.

The man has been charged with multiple offences including theft, handling stolen goods and drug offences and bailed to appear at Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court on August 23.



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