A special assembly was held at Mansfield Primary School on Monday, July 24 to award the inaugural Father Bob Maguire 5C Award to the Grade 5 student who demonstrated the late Father Bob’s “Five Cs.”

Following the State Funeral service for Father Robert ‘Bob’ Maguire AM RFD on May 5 at St Patrick’s Cathedral, East Melbourne, long-term friend Mr Rohan Dent caught a V/Line service from Melbourne to Seymour as students from Mansfield Primary School were returning home from their Melbourne to the Sea term one school camp.

The train was packed. Mr Dent and other passengers noted the grade five children’s behaviour. Other passengers commented. “I was impressed with the behaviour of the group,” a passenger stated to Mr Dent at Seymour station. Mr Dent and other passengers conveyed their respect to Mansfield Primary School’s principal, Mr Tom MacMunn.

“The reason this is a special assembly is because our grade five students did what we always do at Mansfield Primary School and showed our triple r’s and showed respect to each other and to other people outside of our school,” Principal Mr Tom MacMunn said.

Mansfield Primary School Principal, Mr Tom MacMunn and Mr Rohan Dent. PHOTO: Ashley Geelan/VicNews

“A number of people took the time to contact me, at the school and say “You’re doing an amazing job.” “

“We’re really impressed with how Mansfield Primary students are behaving,” Mr MacMunn said.

By staff vote, Grade 5 student Nathan Telpuk was awarded the inaugural ‘Father Bob Maguire 5C Award.’  Macey Egan was voted runner-up.

“I found the two-carriage [train] service to Seymour heavily overcrowded … “

“Everywhere I turned people were focused on them and smiling approvingly.

“The journey passed quickly and I didn’t mind standing, despite Miss [Robbie] Robinson very kindly and repeatedly offering me a seat,” Mr Dent told VicNews.

Miss Robinson is a Grade 5 teacher at Mansfield Primary School.

Nathan Telpuk received a plaque and a $100 gift voucher provided by Mr Dent. A perpetual plaque with the annual winner will be held and displayed at Mansfield Primary School.

Mr Dent explained how the Grade 5 children of Mansfield Primary School had lifted his spirits on such a sombre occasion.

Upon disembarking, Mr Dent decided to call Mansfield Primary School to convey his feedback.

“Too many people are happy to complain about the bad … much less lodge praise,” Mr Dent said.

What Mr Dent considered a ‘low point’ in his day, the children of Mansfield Primary School not only displayed Mansfield Primary School’s motto to ‘Inspire, Challenge, Support and Make a Difference,’ but Father Bob’s “Five C’s.”

Care, Concern, Compassion, Communication and Common Sense. Father Bob believed these qualities equalled community. As such, Mr Dent decided to call the school to convey his thoughts.

“The children and their behaviour made a difference that day,” Mr Dent told the special assembly.

According to Mr Dent, the Grade Five children of Mansfield Primary School demonstrated these qualities. The Father Bob Maguire 5C Award came into being in coordination with Mansfield Primary School and Principal Mr Tom MacMunn.

Mr Dent pointed out the award had nothing to do with academic or sporting achievement. Any Mansfield Primary School Grade Five student is eligible. The final decision rests with teaching staff.

Mr Dent was friends with Father Bob for over 27 years. The “Father Bob 5C Award” is Mr Dent’s concept, in conjunction with Mansfield Primary School, in recognition of Father Bob’s ‘code’ of the “5C’s” – Care, Concern, Common Sense and Compassion, that to Father Bob and ‘cobbers’ equalled ‘community’.

The award will be presented annually to the Grade 5 Mansfield Primary School student (as voted by teachers) who, in their opinion, demonstrate the “5C’s.” The award is sponsored by Mr Dent.

“I look forward to returning to present the award to another deserving winner in 2024.

“The Mansfield Primary School community should be incredibly proud of the way its students conducted themselves on the excursion. They are a credit to you all,” Mr Dent concluded.

SOURCEAshley Geelan
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