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Kinglake Ranges News continues as Murrindindi Shire’s #1 news site

Yet again independent statistics show Kinglake Ranges News is still the one with 56 per cent of the local media audience in the last 28 days.

Between September to November 2018, almost 10,000 (47 per cent of local media audience) more people turned to Kinglake Ranges News than any other local media outlet.

Web performance visitors to nov 18.png

Others claim the statistics aren’t accurate. Whilst the adage that ‘statistics can be used to prove anything, 99 per cent of all people know that,’ is true we have built a solid foundation where quality journalism comes before ad revenue.

Our statistics are supplied by Google Analytics, the contracter for intelligence of the CIA, FBI, MI5, ASIO, GBHQ, among other western intellegence agencies. and military. Google is data. Yours included.

Whilst other local media promote advertisers as the ‘holy grail’ and publish lists, indexes and more at Kinglake Ranges News we just concentrate on journalism.

That’s why we’ve upgraded our systems to ‘Freedom of the Press’ standards, made changes to coding and more and there’s lots to do.

We’ll publish annual statistics when available in early 2019.



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