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Secure communications with Kinglake Ranges News

At Kinglake Range News we’ve been busy in the background working on upgrading our computer and all communications systems to international Freedom of the Press standards.

We decided to upgrade to this level of security following information that local media and government (of all levels) have been allegedly ‘hacking’ into Kinglake Ranges News and Geelan Media’s systems.

Kinglake Ranges News is the first – and only – local media outlet to now offer these internationally recognised journalistic standards.

Same systems were used by Julian Assange and Wikileaks, Edward Snowden and others to provide information and ‘tip-offs’ to journalists.

This has involved re-configuring BIOS on all computer systems, installing the TAILS operating system, SecureDrop, the TOR (‘the onion router’) browser, Virtual Private Network coding, GitHub and more.

This ensures our communications are secure and can not be traced, monitored or otherwise interfered with.

These changes have been made to ensure that sources can send information to Kinglake Ranges News electronically without a trace and prevent other local media using other’s work without proper attribution.

Our systems now meet current international standards for the sharing of information with journalists ‘off radar’.

Work is currently being carried out to finalise the implementation of these systems and we expect them to by operating Christmas Day or sooner.

Others worry about ad revenue. We worry about meeting current international standard practices for journalists. Others take happy snaps.

Kinglake Ranges News is the only local media outlet to meet these new standards and member of the International Federation of Journalists; Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance and International Federation of Investigative Journalists.

Is advertising more important to a reader or contributor who wishes to remain ‘off radar’ than freedom of the press and protection from government surveillance?

At Kinglake Ranges News journalism takes priority over advertising and we do it with little ad revenue and no government (your tax dollars) grants.

More to come ….

With sincere thanks to the Australian (VK) amateur ‘ham’ radio community with their help in implementing these systems and upgrades. “When all else fails … ham radio works.”


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