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One rule for working class … another for privileged old white men

Whilst the Liberal/National Party Coalition couldn’t wait to hold a Royal Commission into trade unions they weren’t so quick to rush to a financial services sector Royal Commission.

Questions need to be asked about Australia’s democracy today.

Why the Construction, Mining, Maritime, Forestry and Energy Union‘s (CFMMEU) John Setka and Shaun Reardon were pulled up, had their vehicles searched and homes raided whilst a banking royal commission was ‘unnecessary’  poses many questions.

Why did bankers get away with lying in court -well past the pre hearing process?

Why haven’t they been arrested for lying to a court of law?

Yesterday, Magistrate Charles Rozencwajg told the police prosecution (Department of Public Prosecutions) they  made a sensible decision to withdraw the charges at the pre-trial stage.

“I think it’s a very sensible decision,” Magistrate Rozencwajg said.

Why hasn’t the CEO of AMP being subjected to the same treatment – after admitting in court – they had been up to alleged unscrupulous practices?

To an outsider it seems yet again we have privileged old white men protecting their own, rather than doing what is best for Australian society. One rule for the working class with special rules for privileged old white men.

The double-standards are astoundingly clear, made clearer every day.

A union representative will be pulled up, their car and home searched in front of one’s wife and children ’cause they’re working class.

Admit in court -before a Royal Commission – that you’ve previously lied before a court and do so again. Go home with an undertaking to the court.

Why weren’t the bankers also searched on their way home with their wives’ and children in the car?

Privileged Old White Men.

If the union representatives faced jail, why shouldn’t bankers too?

The two Royal Commissions show quite clearly the double standards and juxtaposition being applied by the right and far-right of politics.

Yes, sometimes CMFEU officials are or have been ‘heavies’ with questionable dealings over many years on building sites and elsewhere. Shouldn’t they be subject to the same rule of law that allegedly applies to bankers and financial advisors?

The question remains. If a Royal Commission is a Royal Commission then shouldn’t equal standards of investigation, research and accountability apply, whether it’s about banks, unions or any other institution in our democratic society?

It’s doubtful financial advisers, bankers et. al. who were a part of what has been described at best as ‘fraud’ will face criminal sanctions, despite ripping people off for much more than any trade union ‘heavy’ could ever dream of.

DISCLOSURE: The Editor, Ashley Geelan, is a member of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance union.


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