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Belgrave beat Lakers by 36

Kinglake Ranges News – First for Footy. Why wait ‘till Wednesday?
Kinglake Memorial Oval, Kinglake Central.

THE Lakers kicked the opening goal and two points before flag favourites Belgrave took control. Belgrave stayed ahead all day to win by 36 points. Kinglake 13.10 (88) to Belgrave 19.10 (124).

Belgrave were too good for Kinglake on the netball court winning all grades whilst Belgrave humiliated an under manned Kinglake reserves team by 182 points. Cameron Caine kicked Kinglake’s only (reserves) goal in the third quarter.

Rodney Pratt kicks the Lakers sixth goal_B
*Rodney Pratt kicks Kinglake’s sixth goal.

Kinglake’s seniors and reserves are out of finals contention and play Yarra Junction at home in the last footy game of season 2017. Netball A, B, and C grades will play finals whilst D grade need to defeat Yarra Junction and have Yarra Glen defeat Powelltown to play finals netball.

Kinglake laid 20 tackles in the first quarter with equal clearances (six) with inaccuracy in front of goal seeing the Lakers down by three goals at the quarter time break.

“When we get outside and get the ball in our hands we look pretty good.”

“Would have been good to get one or two more (goals) on the board but overall really good stuff,” Kinglake coach told his players at the quarter time huddle.

“Let’s really throttle them (Kinglake) now boys.”

“We should have kicked more goals than that,” said Belgrave coach Richard Brown.

Belgrave put the pressure on in the second quarter staying in front but Kinglake handled the pressure with only a 20 point margin at half time from five shots at goal for four goals one behind with Belgrave kicking four goals three from seven scoring shots.

Belgrave broke away in the third kicking the first four goals until Kinglake’s Rodney ‘Stig’ Pratt kicked the Lakers sixth goal and was quickly followed by Ryan Mitchell kicking Kinglake’s seventh goal as Kinglake attempted to rein in Belgrave.

DSC_0004*Cameron Caine punches the footy away to spoil a Belgrave (reserves) kick for goal.

It was short-lived as Belgrave piled on nine goals one behind to be 57 points up at the last change from 12 inside 50s to Kinglake’s seven.

“Our pressure and our work rate was really good…we pushed the ball into our forward fifty often enough.”

“Missed kicks, missed handballs but they (Belgrave) were really clean going forward…it’s not outside of our reach here boys,” Wilkinson told the players.

Whilst coach Brown told his players to “really step on their throats now and put another 10 (goals) on the board.”

Kinglake didn’t catch up but didn’t ‘have their throats stepped on either’ with Belgrave kicking two goals two from four shots at goal whilst Kinglake kicked five goals five from 10 shots at goal in the final quarter.

Kinglake are sixth on the ladder with six wins and nine losses on 32 points. Fifth-placed Alexandra have 40 points with an Alexandra loss next weekend and a Kinglake win not enough to sneak into the finals.

In other local footy news Kinglake’s Under 14 side made the Northern Football League’s preliminary final after defeating arch rival Whittlesea last weekend. The Kinglake boys tried valiantly and performed very well against Mill Park yesterday (Sunday, August 13) at Wallan Recreation Reserve.

“With only 16 boys on the park to Mill Park’s 26 it was tough but the boys did very well and should be proud of themselves and their efforts today,” said father Troy McErlain.

Kinglake’s Under 14 side have done better than both the senior and reserves footy teams, being the only local footy side that has -or will be- playing finals footy this year.

Next week, Kinglake take on Yarra Junction at home for the last footy match of season 2017. An end of season function, with talented local singer Renee Axton performing will be held following the game from 7.30pm.

‘Mad Monday’ next Monday, August 21 from 11am at the Kinglake Pub.

Vote Count is at the Kinglake club rooms on Thursday, August 24 from 7pm with meals available after 6pm. “Get along and support the (netball) girls (training) as they head to finals,” Clinton Robinson said.

The annual Presentation Ball will be held at the Eastern Golf Club, 215 Victoria Rd, Yering on Friday, September 29 from 6.30pm. Dress code is formal. Cost $90 per head. Tickets can be obtained by contacting president Clinton Robinson on 0425 809 369 or Guy White on 0408 307 067.

KINGLAKE:    1.4 (10)     5.5 (35)     8.5 (53)    13.10 (88)
GOALS: Ryan Mitchell 5, James Whelan 2, Rodney Pratt, Jack Crowe, Ben White, Hadrian Prest, Will Graf, Lachie White.
Jack Crowe, Jayden Butterworth, Hadrian Prest, Bailey Robinson, Ryan Mitchell, Michael Fitzclarence.

BELGRAVE:  4.4 (28)     8.7 (55)     17.8 (110)    19.10 (124)
GOALS: Thomas Marks 5, Nic Thompson 3, Thomas Stubley 3, James Brown 2, Daniel Kitchin 2, Michael Brown, Jordan McDermott, Daniel Noy, Kyle Chandler.
BEST: Michael Sproules, James Brown, Michael Brown, Thomas Marks, Nic Thompson, Matt Johnson.

KINGLAKE:   0.0 (0)     0.0 (0)     1.0 (6)    1.0 (6)
GOALS: Cameron Caine.
BEST: Ryan Hurst, Andrew Young, Jess Rabjones, Jeremy Graf, Cameron Caine, Layne Hendrie.

BELGRAVE:   8.6 (54)     16.9 (105)     23.13 (151)    28.20 (188)
GOALS: Jonathan Levell 8, Rashad Chazbek 4, Jonathon Smith 3, Jayden Lowe 2, Hayden Byron 2, Daniel Delbridge 2, Chris Rak 2, Marc Shorten, Chris Francis, Michael Donald.
BEST: Jonathon Smith, Hayden Byron, Jonathan Levell, Jayden Lowe, Rashad Chazbek.

KINGLAKE:   8        16        26        (35)
GOALS: Jade White 19, Samantha Goggins 16.
BEST: Alice Waack, Narelle Collette, Samantha Goggins.

BELGRAVE: 19        32        43        (56)
GOALS: Lauren Bennett 42, Jennifer Dewhurst 14.
BEST: Lauren Bennett, Jennifer Dewhurst, Angela Jeffery.

KINGLAKE: 9         18        31        (40)
GOALS: Jade White 23, Kelsey Smith 17.
BEST: Amy Teodorovic, Renee Wilson, Kelsey Smith.

BELGRAVE: 14       26        39        (51)
GOALS: Naomi Hargreaves 27, Kara Salmon 24.
BEST: Naomi Hargreaves, Melissa Matthews, Rochelle Samuhel.

KINGLAKE: 7         18        22        (29)
GOALS: Olivia Turner-Dickason 21, Sally Ann Nott 7, Rebecca Gallo 1.
BEST: Olivia Turner-Dickason, Lauren McMahon, Carly Fowles.

BELGRAVE: 10        19        27        (36)
GOALS: Monique Latorre 22, Megan Bull 13, Amy Spicer 1.
BEST: Monique Latorre, Rachael Clarke, Megan Bull.

KINGLAKE: 4          10        11        (12)
GOALS: Rebecca Gallo 9, Hayley Whykes 3.
BEST: Melanie Gerlach, Rebecca Gallo, Carly Fowles.

BELGRAVE: 8          14        25        (30)
Amee Williams 24, Shannyn Lucas 6.
Amee Williams, Emily Dowling, Krystal Hammond.

UNDER 14s GREEN (Preliminary Final at Wallan Recreation Reserve).
KINGLAKE:            2.5 (17)
Aidan McErlain, Angus Will Forde
Not available.

MILL PARK:           7.8 (50)
Not available.
Not available.

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