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Seville smash Lakers

Kinglake Ranges News – First for Footy
Seville Recreation Reserve

KINGLAKE’S chances of playing finals are over after Seville 18.12 (120) defeated Kinglake by 69 points 7.9 (51) at the Seville Recreation Reserve on Saturday.

Seville opened the match kicking three goals from 12 inside 50s leaving Kinglake without a major from six inside 50’s for the first quarter. Will Graf in the ruck had four clearances to Seville’s three before later rotating with Cam Arnott.

Opening the second quarter Kinglake’s Jack Crowe kicked into open space from the forward pocket near the 40m arc as the footy bounced through for Kinglake’s first goal.

Whilst kicking three goals from ten inside 50s and nine centre clearances Kinglake didn’t capitalise with Seville kicking three goals and one behind for the quarter with Seville 20 points up at half-time.

Seville left Kinglake behind in the third quarter kicking eight goals one while Kinglake only managed two goals despite the extra use of handball with 36 handball receives, up from just 13 in the second quarter. It wasn’t enough with just three forward presses from Kinglake whilst Seville had six.

At three quarter time Kinglake coach Brad Wilkinson said, “We need goals…we need lots of them.”

“Throw everything we have into this next half hour…let’s give this a red hot crack…”

“Joey go to full forward you’ll be a straight swap with Grafy (William Graf) in the ruck.”

“We can still win this game of footy…get on top them, get on a roll and let’s run over the top of these…”

Seville took advantage of the wind in the final quarter to kick four goals four with Kinglake kicking two goals two and putting an end to the Lakers chances of playing finals footy.

Kinglake have never defeated Seville away from eighteen appearances there with the closest being a four-point loss in 2016. Kinglake now hold the YVMDFL/AFL Yarra Ranges record for most consecutive defeats at away grounds before a first win.

No netball was played this week with A & D having a bye. Seville’s B & C teams forfeited their matches with all of Kinglake’s netball sides in with a chance to play finals.

Next week (Round 17, Saturday, August 12) Kinglake face a tough home game against ladder leaders Belgrave who’ve only lost one match to Seville in round four while Seville host Thornton-Eildon at home.

KINGLAKE:    0.2 (2)     3.5 (23)     5.7 (37)    7.9 (51)
GOALS: Jack Crowe 2, Hadrian Prest, Lachlan White, Bailey Robinson, Jamie Chalmers, Rodney Pratt.
Mason McAllister, Andrew Whelan, Jayden Butterworth, Jack Crowe, Michael Fitzclarence, Jacob Harward.

SEVILLE:  3.6 (24)     6.7 (43)     14.8 (92)    18.12 (120)
GOALS: James Young 4, Mark Secere 3, Daniel Toohey 3, Joshua Neal 2, Shaun Wilson 2, Corey Suban, Aaron Knight, Luke Casini, Jack Nolan.
BEST: James Young, Mark Secere, Corey Suban, Daniel Groen, Luke Casini, Kieran Mullett.

KINGLAKE:   0.0 (0)     1.2 (8)     4.2 (26)    5.2 (32)
GOALS: Cameron Caine 2, Matthew Ryan 2, Jeremy Graf.
BEST: Andrew Young, Aaron Westworth, Jeremy Graf, Layne Hendrie, James Morgan, Brad Quilliam.

SEVILLE:   3.4 (22)     5.7 (37)     5.9 (39)    9.11 (65)
GOALS: Brent Pereira 8, Jack Weineroider.
BEST: Brent Pereira, Cameron Trainor, Corey Rogers, Gus Annowsky, Patrick Sequeira, Aaron Prescott.


KINGLAKE: Won on forfeit.

KINGLAKE: Won on forfeit.


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