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Yarra Junction by 22

Yarra Junction Football Ground, Yarra Junction.

Yarra Junction were six goals up at three quarter time before Kinglake staged a final quarter comeback but the siren sounded with the Lakers losing by 22 points.
Yarra Junction 14.10 (94) to Kinglake 10.12 (72).

Yarra Junction kicked the first goal of the match. Kinglake then kicked two quick goals before Yarra Junction put the pressure on in their forward fifty.

Kinglake players tried to move the ball out of Yarra Junction’s forward line but would often turn the ball over through minor errors or being intercepted.

At the quarter time huddle, coach Brad Wilkinson told the players “We’re stuffing around with it [football] far too much.”

“I think overall we’re working pretty hard boys…fix up a couple of things around the contest and we’re right back in this.”

Kinglake held its own in the centre during the third quarter with 15 centre clearances, with Yarra Junction only having five as the Lakers fought back.

“They [Yarra Junction] couldn’t go with us for 90 per cent of that quarter.”

“We can run over the top of this mob,” Wilkinson told the players.

Kinglake had eight scoring shots in the final quarter, kicking three goals five from ten inside 50s. Yarra Junction only managed four shots from eight inside 50s.

Inaccuracy in front of goal costing Kinglake the match by 22 points.

Kinglake are seventh on the ladder with two wins and six losses from eight matches.

Next week Saturday, June 24, Kinglake play Yea at home whilst Yarra Junction are home to Powelltown.

KINGLAKE:   3.0 (18)   6.3 (39)   7.7 (49)     10.12 (72)
GOALS: Ryan Mitchell 4, Zac White 3, Hadrian Prest, James Whelan, Bailey Robinson.
BEST: Hadrian Prest, Josh Mende, Jamie Chalmers, Ryan Mitchell, Will Graf, Mason McAllister.

YARRA JUNCTION:   7.3 (45)   11.3 (69)   13.7 (85)   14.10 (94)
GOALS: Tyson Wheeler 6, Daniel Wilson 3, Kyle Ousley, Allan Chandler, Thomas Sword, Troy Armstrong, John Holmes.
BEST: Tyson Wheeler, Kyle Ousley, Allan Chandler, Phillip Cubbin, Thomas Sword, Jayden Welch.

KINGLAKE:   1.0 (6)   2.2 (14)   2.3 (15)    2.3 (15)
Jesse Ryan, Clinton Booker.
Jeremy Graf, Jesse Rabjones, Clinton Booker, Andrew Young, Rodney Pratt, Jesse Ryan.

YARRA JUNCTION:   3.3 (21)   9.8 (62)   15.9 (99)   20.13 (133)
Ben Jones 6, Bryan Freedman 2, Anson Smith 2, Harrison Tindley-Roe 2, Jack Russell 2, Nathan De La Rue, Lesley Hooper, Andrew Caley, Mitchel Robinson, Douglas Boxell, Adam Ward.
Ryan Williamson, Dale Robertson, Harrison Tindley-Roe, Lesley Hooper, Ben Jones, Adam Ward.

KINGLAKE:   11    20   27   (38)
GOALS: Tarsha Collette 26, Lauren Beaton 8, Paige Stanley 4.
BEST: Kylie Wyatt, Paige Stanley, Tarsha Collette.

YARRA JUNCTION:   12   20   29   (34)
GOALS: Amanda Finn 27, Indiya Bosen 6, Emily Barrie.
BEST: Ashley Ula, Jessica Sweet, Indiya Bosen.

KINGLAKE:   15    22   33   (39)
GOALS: Jade White 23, Kelsey Smith 15, Karsha Hoyt.
BEST: Renee Wilson, Caitlyn Hendrie, Jade White.

YARRA JUNCTION:   6   14   27   (31)
GOALS: Indiya Bosen 14, Samantha Searle 9, Nicki Bosen 8.
BEST: Samantha Searle, Malia Makeleta Ula, Indiya Bosen.

KINGLAKE:    10   22   31   (41)
GOALS: Olivia Turner-Dickason 18, Sarah Baerken 14, Sally Ann Nott 9.
BEST: Lauren McMahon, Errin White, Rachel Chalmers.

YARRA JUNCTION:   7    11   15   (20)
GOALS: Sela Taualii 10, Hannah Sciberras 8, Caitlin Conway 2.
BEST: Jessica Lousie-Dixon, Sela Taualii, Hannah Sciberras.


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