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Lakers lose to Belgrave

Belgrave Recreation Reserve, Belgrave.

 Zac White kicked Kinglake’s opening goal at the 12-minute mark of the first quarter as Belgrave took control.

Skill errors around the ball giving Belgrave a four goal lead at quarter time. Kinglake 8.16 (64) defeated by Belgrave 18.16 (124).

Coach Brad Wilkinson spoke of, “simple skill errors [we] spoke about Thursday night at training.”

“We’re four goals down…we’ve given them three.”

“Six or seven minutes isn’t good enough.”

Kinglake 12 inside 50s to Belgrave’s 8 in the second quarter with the Lakers restricting Belgrave’s forward presses four to three but missing a few opportunities with Kinglake down by 29 points at half time, 2.9 (21) to Belgrave 7.8 (50).

Kinglake kicked the first goal of the third quarter before Jayden Butterworth tackled a Belgrave player as the match stopped with an injured Belgrave player being attended to for ten minutes before the match resumed.

The Lakers had plenty of the footy but couldn’t convert with only 11 points on the scoreboard. being 3.14 (32) at three quarter time to Belgrave 11.11 (77) as Belgrave established a 45 point lead.

“Silly little mistakes…absolutely killing us in the centre,”

“We’re still getting enough opportunities…but we’re not converting,” said Wilkinson.

Kinglake came back in the last quarter kicking five goals but it wasn’t enough as Belgrave won by sixty points.

Next week Saturday, June 17, Kinglake are away to Yarra Junction as Belgrave are away to Thornton-Eildon.

Kinglake sit sixth on the ladder with two wins and five losses.

KINGLAKE:          1.2 (8)                   2.9 (21)                 3.14 (32)              8.16 (64)
Ryan Mitchell 2, Bailey Robinson 2, Shane Jones 2, Jayden Butterworth, Zac White.
Ben White, Hadrian Prest, Jayden Butterworth, Lachie White, Bailey Hamer, Will Graf.

BELGRAVE:         5.3 (33)                 7.8 (50)                 11.11 (77)            18.16 (124)
Luke Foreman 7, Matt Johnson 3, Peter Johnson 2, Thomas Marks 2, Jordan McDermott, Nic Thompson, James Brown, Peter Gough.
Matt Johnson, Jordan McDermott, Luke Foreman, Chris Power, Peter Gough, Nic Thompson.

KINGLAKE:          2.1 (13)                 2.1 (13)                 3.1 (19)                 5.2 (32)
Matthew Ryan 3, Kane Smith, Dean Mercuri.
Jess Rabjones, Andrew Young, John Burns, Kane Smith, Dean Mercuri, Jeremy Graf.

BELGRAVE:         2.5 (17)                 7.7 (49)                 11.11 (77)            14.14 (98)
Johnathon Levell 5, Rashad Chazbek 2, Mark Francis 2, Jason Bartils, Ben Fitzgerald, Jonathon Smith.
Jack Marshall, Johnathon Levell, Tim Riley, Nathan Rowe, Robbie Matthews, Hayden Byron.

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