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Yarra Junction lose 4 premiership points, fined $1250 for breaching player points system

The AFL Yarra Ranges was made aware of a total player points breach by Yarra Junction on Saturday, June 30 against Powelltown and have awarded the four premiership points to Powelltown.

“The AFL Yarra Ranges Region Commission has considered the issue of Yarra Junction FNC exceeding their maximum player points allocation in the match played Saturday 30th June at Powelltown, against Powelltown,” the Commission said.

AFL Yarra Ranges considered the breach and circumstances outlined in correspondence from Yarra Junction.

Yarra Junction was forthright in contacting the league as soon as they became aware of the issue and were cooperative in providing their reasoning’s as to why the issue occurred.

The Commission has deemed that whilst it may have been a genuine error by Yarra Junction it still constituted a breach of the AFL Victoria Player Points System (PPS) Policy.

The Commission also determined that Yarra Junction will be fined $1250, of which $750 will be suspended until 31st December  31, 2019, noting that further sanctions apply.

As Yarra Junction won the fixture, further sanctions apply.

Match premiership points in this fixture will be awarded to Powelltown with the score annulled and recorded 77-0 in favour of Powelltown.

League Best and Fairest votes and/or goal kicking stats for Yarra Junction players will remain valid.”

The Commission accepts Yarra Junction’s position that the breach was made in error.


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