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40yo man falls into Eltham grave

UPDATE 10.30am: The 40-year-old man has been freed after he fell into a partially dug grave in Eltham around 7.45am.

The 2m deep grave was not considered to be stable with rescue crews taking two hours stabilise the grave before freeing the man.

He was assessed at the scene with a suspected broken leg and is in a stable condition.

He was transported to The Royal Melbourne Hospital for further treatment.

UPDATE 9.55am: CFA crews are about to begin extricating the man from the grave.

EARLIER: A man is trapped in a grave in Eltham after falling two metres, paramedics say.

The man in his 40s is believed to have fallen into the freshly-dug grave at Metery Road about 7.45am today.

Paramedics were called to the site shortly before 8am. A spokeswoman for the Victorian Ambulance Service told news.com.au the man has been assessed for injuries and is being treated for an injury to one of his legs.

“He has not yet been extricated,” she said.

Pictures from the scene show a ladder leading from ground level into the two-metre grave.

eltham grave_9 tweet.png

Photos: 9 News Melbourne/GTV 9


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