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Cathedral Range State Park named in top 7 Victorian campsites

Murrindindi Shire has some of the country’s most scenic camping grounds with Cathedral Range State Park being named in ‘The Culture Trips Top 7’ best campsites in Victoria.

This camp ground is in fine company, according to the shire’s Environment and Climate Change Portfolio Councillor Bec Bowles, with other picturesque sites on offer at Kendall’s at Rubicon, Wilhelmna Falls at Murrindindi, Blue Gums in the Kinglake area and Fraser National Park near Eildon.

“Murrindindi Shire has so much to offer our visitors but we do ask anyone considering camping here to only pitch their tents in our designated camping grounds. There are several reasons we need to ensure people stay at designated camping grounds,” Cr Bowles said.

“Firstly, we need to reduce any fire risks in the Shire and an unattended campfire has the potential to can get out of control very quickly.

“You may also be in danger if there is an emergency nearby, like a bushfire, because emergency response agencies like Victoria Police simply won’t know you’re there,” she said.

“We also need to ensure people have access to proper toilet facilities – no one wants the risk of human waste polluting our pristine creeks and waterways.

“Illegal campers often don’t consider the risk associated with camping under, or near big old trees.


“They look wonderful and the idea of camping under an old river gum is lovely, but these trees are also called ‘widow makers’ as they are known to drop branches without warning.

“Only our designated camping ground managers regularly check their trees and will often restrict access to areas where there are any identified risks to campers’ health and safety.”

Cr Bowles said campers will usually set-up tents beside creeks, near bridges and the popular illegal camping destinations tend to be around the Eildon Pondage, in Buxton, Taggerty, as well as through the Flowerdale, Strath Creek, Glenburn and Murrindindi areas.

“We have such fabulous camping grounds in the Shire, they have plenty of space and facilities and I highly recommend using them to ensure you maximise your experience of our Shire.”

Cr Bowles suggested campers tap into Parks Victoria’s resources – www.parkweb.vic.gov.au.


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