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Council’s new approach to grants and sponsorship … money for mates

Murrindindi Shire Council considered a new ‘Grants and Contributions Policy’ at its meeting on Wednesday 19 December. 

Mayor Sandice McAulay said while a ‘Grants and Contributions Policy’ might sound a bit boring, it’s actually really interesting!

Council funds some things and pays for ads in some media, but it depends on how much ‘they like you.’

Yet again you, the ratepayers, money at work, funding out- of – towners – now with ratepayer’s hard-earned. With Council dollars.

“Did you know that Council delivers a whole heap of different types of financial support? From fee reductions and waivers to ‘quick response grants’ to governance and capacity building. We offer individual sponsorships as well as grants for community organisations, events and businesses,” McAulay said.

“This proposed Policy would see a streamlined approach to how and when people can apply for financial support from Council. The aim is to ensure Council makes consistent and equitable decisions and supports those activities which contribute to broader community wellbeing, visitation and economic development.

“If adopted, there will be six streams of support available. Each stream will have a clearly defined eligibility criteria, financial and/or in-kind support limit, and assessment time frame. The proposed Policy also calls for simplification of the reporting requirements from grant and contributions recipients.

“Council officers have recommended if the new ‘Grants and Contributions Policy’ is adopted that we roll it out in stages. The community grants and business grants streams will be introduced and open to the public in January 2019.  While the remaining streams will be introduced by June 2019,” McAulay said.

“I think the most exciting thing proposed under this Policy is the idea of having more frequent assessment rounds. It would mean Council has the ability to be more responsive to those community groups and businesses that need practical support – like help with venue hire, community bus hire, small sums to help with financial hardship or a hand with skills and capacity development.

“The proposed Policy would also see us setup a new platform – called SmartyGrants – which will be accessible through Council’s website. This platform would enable everyone to quickly and easily see what support they’re eligible for and apply for it on the spot. How cool is that!” McAulay added.

This article is not – and should not – be considered a personal attack on Councillor Dunscombe. It is a statement and summary of provable facts to court standards. It is also recognised that Dunscombe has done much work prior to, and during his tenure as Kinglake Ward Councillor, to support the community and indivudals. He continues to do so. 


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