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Diamond Creek Sporting Stadium becomes Emergency Relief Centre too

Nillumbik Council continues to harness the sun’s power as it begins upgrades on its solar power facilities at the Diamond Creek Community Bank Stadium.

Mayor Peter Clarke said the upgrades enable the stadium to act as an Emergency Relief Centre (ERC) and provide eight hours of electricity to power the stadium during emergency events and power outages.

“The system has been designed so that it can continue to operate in “island mode” in the event of an electricity network power failure.

“Additionally sporting competitions and other community events will be powered by the system if the mains grid turns off,” Clarke said.

Community Bank is one of 43 solar installations across the Shire with new projects currently being delivered and in the planning stages.

Chair of Council’s Environment portfolio Grant Brooker said the grant funding would assist Council to deliver on reducing its environmental footprint.

“Battery storage is the final link in maximising the capacity and therefore the effectiveness of clean renewable solar energy.

“For Nillumbik to pioneer this technology is a fantastic example of local government leadership,” Brooker said.

It is anticipated that the system will generate about 75 per cent of the total electricity requirements of the Stadium.

The system also includes a rechargeable battery and an electric vehicle charging station that anyone can use to charge their electric car for free.

The stadium was fitted with a 99 kilowatt solar photovoltaic system installed on its roof over the school holidays.

Council with the support of the New Energy Jobs Fund Grant has allocated $442,023 to the project.


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