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Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival

Today’s schedule.

Pickers Breakfast.
09.00am   Bakery
10.00am   Cappa Rossi’s

Gospel Concert, Main Marquee.
10.00am New Macedon Rangers
10.30am Dancing With Angels

Community Concert, Main Marquee.
11.00am to 1.00pm

Sunday Brunch, Kinglake Pub.
12.00pm The Cherry Pickers
01.00pm Backwater

Sunday Brunch, Cappa Rossi’s.
12.00pm Slim Dime
01.00pm Ukes D’Jour

Sunday Brunch, Bakery.
12.00pm Dancing With Angels
01.00pm New Macedon Rangers

Afternoon of Bluegrass, Main Marquee.
01.00pm Kissin’ Cousins
01.45pm Knott Family Band
02.15pm Nine Mile Creek
03.00pm The Cherry Pickers
03.45pm Coolgrass
04.30pm The Stetson Family

Evening Performances, Kinglake Pub.
05.30pm Nine Mile Creek
06.15pm Kissin’ Cousins
07.00pm Backwater

Evening Performances, Cappa Rossi’s.
05.30pm Bruceolosis
06.15pm New Macedon Rangers



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