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For ultimate safety, monitor the CFA directly

Yes. It’s true. By the time a fire truck responds then issues its’ first report of the situation – ‘wordback’ or ‘sitrep’ to VicFire (the CFA radio control centre) several critical minutes have already passed.

This is then passed to the CFA district via radio in which the fire is occurring, who then send it to CFA HQ (Burwoord East)* who send it to their media department, who send it to the ABC and other media.

By the time that’s all done, it is too late.

At Kinglake Ranges News we go straight from the fireground or emergency to you, the reader. Or use the left hand menu to stream the audio yourself.

Below is a complete list of all CFA, DEWLP and aviation aircraft operating in Victoria.


CFA Country Fire Authority VHF Radio Frequencies_Air.png

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*These messages may go direct to a local emergency management centre if activated.


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