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Listen to Kinglake police, fire or ambulance live on Kinglake Ranges News

At Kinglake Ranges News we believe that journalism, reporting and providing the community with critical information comes before advertising revenue.

Kinglake Ranges News today proudly announces a partnership with Radio Reference and combined with the Australian (VK) and international amateur radio community will provide you – the reader –  all the information you’ll ever need.

Live. Free.

Scroll down the right hand menu and you’ll find links to live Police, Fire and Ambulance two-way radio. Just click the service you require to and listen live.

No more waiting to hear from reporters or local paper editors – including this one – to change the story. Listen to police, live in action and make your own call on what you hear.

Listen live to the Kinglake police as they communicate with the Victoria Police control centre in Wangaratta (VKC Wangaratta) in the police P1 and P2 districts for yourself.

From Kinglake to Wodonga we’ve got Victoria covered.

We’re for the Kinglake Ranges.

We’re for giving the community information or the means to find it for and of themselves.

We are also the only properly SEO programmed site to deliver maximum returns to advertisers whilst others pretend to do so and don’t deliver.

You’ve read the rest, now you can advertise with the best and proper SEO coding.

The choice is yours.

With Radio Reference. North East Victoria signals provided by VK3HAG (editor) with the amateur radio community providing other signals. Whittlesea, Yea, Yarra Glen and Alexandra signals are re-transmitted by third parties. Kinglake Ranges News thanks the Australian (VK) amateur radio community for their life-long support. 73s & 88s.



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