HomeNewsMore people read Kinglake Ranges News than any other local media

More people read Kinglake Ranges News than any other local media

Kinglake Ranges News has the region’s biggest online audience of any local media outlet with 57 per cent of the local audience.

More people turn to Kinglake Ranges News every day for local news and information than any other local print media or online media.

Others longingly try, but they have a very, very long way to go. Their standards, coding and reporting methods wouldn’t pass a first year journalism course today. #Fail.
We could list the failures here (a very Long list) but we aren’t going to give away trade secrets to teenagers that couldn’t write a coherent message on a dunny door.
For important local news even competitors and Kinglake Ranges News, would – and have before – worked co-operatively to provide the community news of local importance.
Only one newspaper proprietor (see ad guru) isn’t in the pool and doesn’t work with others.
The Alexandra Standard, Yea Chronicle, Whittlesea Post, Whittlesea Review, North Central Review, Mountain Views Mail, Mountain Monthly (all competitors of Kinglake Ranges News) are fair, reasonable, debate points and are courteous, respectful and dignified whilst we often agree to disagree, with respect.
Claiming ‘integrity’ when the person claiming they have such whilst ripping people off, refusing to pay them and throwing out shade to ‘keep one of the scent’ and uses them only to, after building a successful news model who then claims to have ‘integrity’ is beyond hilarious.
Bob Katter, the mad hatter is busy today stealing someone’s work.
It’s Official: Kinglake Ranges News is the No 1 local media outlet.
We have more local news than any other outlet. By a country mile.
And more local readers than any other outlet.

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