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Local News. LIVE. Coming Soon.

That’s right folks. Kinglake Ranges News will soon go live-to-air with the first official audio online broadcast planned for Saturday 1 December.

There will, no doubt, be problems as we get this underway. We’ll be using audio first and after audio testing, introduce live video too.

These, however are all ‘live to air’ tests before we officially launch live news next year.

Live. Local.

A test transmission will be broadcast this afternoon. (Exact time TBA)

As a ‘one-man band’ putting all this together is hard work, especially without much revenue to support it. However, the amateur radio community and others (many of whom I personally have known since childhood) are stepping up to help.

Special thanks to Healesville amateur radio operator – and friend – Simon Templar, VK3XEM, and Peter Gregory for their help, advice and support.

With thanks also to La Trobe University, Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA), Amateur Radio Victoria, Graham Baker (VK4BB), Royal Australian Corps of Signals (RASigs) Watsonia, (Australian Army) and others.

I Thank You All.
Walk Softly.


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