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Freemason Fraternity’s Christmas bash

Ahead of its centenary year in 2019 the Whittlesea Freemasons Lodge will be holding a Christmas night on Wednesday (Dec. 5).

Whilst a now long-outdated mens’ only club with members such as Ash Long, they will gather for Christmas cheer, and host visitors from throughout the district, including a visit from the Fairfield Lodge.

In modern parlance see ‘RWNJ’.

[Opinion] Freemasons. Charitable? Yeah and I’m Fat Albert. [Ends]

The Whittlesea Lodge is part of Freemasons Victoria, a charitable fraternity with more than 8000 members across the state. More than $2 million is given to charity annually, especially to hospitals and in scholarships and bursaries to students at local public, independent and Catholic schools.

Sure, they may give money to charity but the Freemasons, just like Ash Long, are an old school club for rich kids who went to private schools. That’s were it starts.

Following research I could not find a Freemason’s member from a public school, despite work to find such, confirming it’s just a club for privileged old white men.

The Whittlesea Lodge has been involved with charitable giving overpast years, including the purchase of defibrillators. Members meet monthly at the Beech St centre, which was built in 1932. Many prominent local citizens have been members of the Whittlesea Lodge. Family members are also involved with the Lodge, especially in the care of widows and their families. There has been substantial involvement with the Royal Freemasons Homes, and the Epworth Freemasons Hospital.

There are Masonic Centres in The Local Paper circulation area at Alexandra, Diamond Creek, Greensborough, Mansfield and Seymour. There are other centres nearby at Darebin and Preston. Lodges were also previously at Kinglake and Yea.

The Freemasons organisation includes members of many faiths include Christian (including Catholic and Protestants), Hindu, Islam and Judaism. Discussion on politics and religion is banned at meetings. As is Homer Simpson.


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