‘Proud Jewish Nazi’ and former IDF soldier Avi Yemini to visit Israel

Avi Yemini, the self-described world's 'proudest Jewish Nazi' and Australian correspondent for Rebel News will visit Israel to 'report the truth' on their Abraham Accords fact-finding mission to Israel and Dubai.  

Far-right activist and former IDF soldier, Avi Yemini. PHOTO: Twitter/Supplied.

Avi Yemini, the self-described world’s ‘proudest Jewish Nazi‘ and Australian correspondent for Rebel News will visit Israel to ‘report the truth’ on their Abraham Accords fact-finding mission to Israel and Dubai.  

“With my work with Rebel News I’ve been lucky enough to have had countless opportunities to bring you stories that matter,” Yemini said in a press release.

Rebel News’ owner and editor – referred to by Rebel as ‘Commander In Chief’ Canadian Ezra Levant – along with Sheila Gunn Reid, David Menzies, and Drea Humphrey will join Avi Yemini @OzraeliAvi on their 10-day ‘fact-finding’ tour of Israel and Dubai from September 5 to 14.

Rebel News is selling ‘vacation packages‘ for this ‘fact-finding’ exercise, encouraging its readers to join Yemini on his Israel ‘fact-finding’ mission. The cost for an Australian wishing to join Yemini is AU$8,699 (single occupancy).

For AU$8,699 you can “spend 10 days touring the Middle East with all your favourite Rebel News journalists.”

“In my life, from my early days in the army to my current position in journalism, it has become clear that the narrative about Israel often portrayed by mainstream media is far from the truth,” Yemini said.

The former Israel Defence Force soldier and notorious YouTube personality has appeared on Sky’s The Bolt Report, saying he is keeping his political options open. He has not ruled out having a tilt on a One Nation ticket following several failed attempts to enter politics with other far-right political parties.

Yemini once operated a ‘self-defence’ gym ‘IDF Training’ that also trained Israeli soldiers in south-east Melbourne. He sold the gym in 2016.

avi yemini
Avi Yemini. PHOTO: Facebook.

Yemini claimed on January 26, 2021, that he had been arrested by police. He then live-streamed his ‘arrest’ and called for donations to Rebel News. 

Police confirmed that no arrests were made at the protest on January 26.

Victoria Police confirmed that someone ‘under arrest’ would no longer be in possession of their mobile phone or any other device. If arrested, shoelaces, tracksuit pant cords, and anything in one’s possession, such as a wallet, purse, cigarettes, or anything in one’s pockets or in their possession are removed by police, documented and placed in a police evidence bag before being placed in a divisional van’s lockers.

Yemini was not arrested. If he had been, he would not have had access to his mobile phone. And he would have been taken to a police station for an interview whereby he may have been required to apply for bail if remanded in custody.

He was simply removed by the police, placed in a divisional van and driven from the protest area. He was then released. He was never arrested. If he was, he would not have been able to live stream from the back of a police divisional van from a mobile phone.

Yemini pleaded guilty to unlawful assault of his ex-wife in 2019 with a chopping board.