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Thieves steal life saving equipment


Thieves have recently broken into and stolen chainsaws, lighting equipment and generators from the Kinglake SES and Kinglake West CFA.

“These type of thefts of equipment from volunteer emergency service facilities are becoming more and more common,” a Kinglake SES spokesperson said.

“The thieves give absolutely no thought to the fact that they are stealing equipment that in many occasions is used to save lives, or that the equipment has been purchased as the result of untold hours of community fund raising by the volunteers themselves.”

The Kinglake SES and Kinglake West CFA ask for your support. If you’re offered any chainsaws, generators or lighting equipment for ‘a price too good to be true’, or in a place for such sales such as the pub, carparks or online please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Kinglake Police Station on 5786 1333 with as much information as possible.

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