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Kinglake Ranges News joins Copyright Australia to stop alleged theft of work

Kinglake Ranges News today joined the Copyright Agency of Australia following the alleged theft of exclusive news reports and photographs, web site coding (HTML/PHP and CSS) and continual failure of some local media outlets and businesses to provide legally required attribution and payment for use of published works.

Exclusive reports and/or photographs must be properly attributed, (and paid for) as an example, “Kinglake Ranges News reports that … ,” or  “Kinglake Ranges News journalist Ashley Geelan reported that …”

We’ve being waiting a long time for proper attribution, payment and recognition, which is today a standard journalism and media industry requirement and practice, as taught in journalism subjects at La Trobe University.

Some editors may need to go back to journalism school and re-learn the basic requirements in the fast-paced world we live in today.

Individuals can share posts, news reports and photographs on social media all they (ie you the reader) like, however if commercial for-profit businesses, other media outlets or for-profit community groups then re-use images, photographs, texts or other content of Kinglake Ranges News in any way, whether print, online or broadcast, then the business(es) using said works have a legal obligation to pay for use of such via the Copyright Agency of Australia.

From today payment can be made via the Copyright Agency Rights Portal where you can licence the use of Kinglake Ranges News content. To not do so is simply theft.

This does not apply to not-for-profit community groups or charities, provided attribution of work (name of source and author) is provided (and hyperlinked to the original source if used online).

Buying a licence to copy and share content from newspapers and magazines has been significantly enhanced through Copyright Agency’s revamped RightsPortal.

Copyright Australia today relaunched the online licensing platform with new features to improve the user experience, making it easier to obtain the rights to use copyright-protected content on a pay-per-use basis.

Copyright Agency, which recently merged with Viscopy, is Australia’s national copyright licensing organisation for the publishing, media, surveying and visual arts industries. It has 40,000 direct and indirect members providing an extraordinary range of content for licence.

Copyright Agency Director of Commercial Licensing, Guy Johnson, says: “Since the launch of the RightsPortal in 2010, we’ve witnessed the growth of pay-per-use licensing in the Asia-Pacific region. We want to support this with our online licensing platform.

“Our objective is to make clearing rights as easy, quick and convenient as possible to ensure customers are using available content legally. Fees from the licences are distributed to authors and publishers to support them in developing more great content.”

Users will now be able to secure more re-use rights across the following categories:

  • Higher circulation/distribution runs for material republished in books
  • Use in course materials and exam papers
  • Use in TV/documentary/movie/streaming
  • Posting to social media

“In an ever-changing business landscape, being able to copy and share newspaper and magazine articles is vital to staying informed and ad hoc needs can arise. The RightsPortal enables users to licence those specific pieces of content that don’t fall under regular newspaper subscription or existing copyright agreements. This service enables users to share those ad hoc articles with the permission of the publisher,” says Guy Johnson.

Media publishing partners include News Corp, Fairfax Media and Bauer Magazines.

“RightsPortal provides a critical role in supporting our Australian newspaper and magazine publishing sectors who invest in quality content that shapes public opinion,” he says.

“Copyright licensing offers fundamental support for the work of journalists, publishers and other originators of content to maintain a robust publishing industry.”



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