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Thanks to the Australian Army’s 108 Signal Squadron, Watsonia.

The Australian Army’s 108 Signal Squadron (108 Sig Sqn) provides radio communications encompassing Very High Frequency (VHF) and High Frequency (HF) networks that allows for short-range and long-range voice and data communications to Australia’s soldiers. The 108 Sig Sqn taught Kinglake Ranges News communications in the 1990s.

108 Sig Sqn, Watsonia, (Simpson Barracks) taught Ashley Geelan (Editor, Kinglake Ranges News) radio communications, data communications, packet radio and the internet when it was still a military only – and later amateur radio – communications systems in the early 1990s – long before it was made publicly available in 1994.

Today this system is know as ‘the internet.’

Before September 11, 2001, 108 Sig Sqn provided training, and testing of amateur radio operators.

Kinglake Ranges News sincerely thanks all the 108 signals squad, past and present at Watsonia.


The 108 Signal Squadron also provides field communications in the form of line and Local Area Networks (LAN) to provide telephone, data and computer services to its subscribers, as well as secure messaging by electronic and hand-carriage means. 108 Sig Sqn also provides communication security advice (COMSEC) and frequency management for 4th Brigade units.

108 Sig Sqn in its role as 4th Combat Support Regiment also provides Combat Services Support (CSS) to 4th Brigade Headquarters, as well as its traditional Communication Information Systems (CIS) role. The CSS role means that limited, but first port of call, logistic support in the form of transport, administrative, pay and technical support is provided by 108 Sig Sqn.

108th Signal Squadron, as a member of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals, also provides support and advice to units, external of the 4th Brigade group based in the Southern Region of Australia.

108 Signal Squadron also provided communications following Black Saturday. The unit is co-located with Headquarters 4th Brigade at Simpson Barracks, Watsonia.

Members of 108 Sig Sqn have served on active duty as part of Peace Keeping and Peace Making tours. Examples are Malaya, Bougainville and East Timor.


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