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AFL Yarra Ranges round 7 wrap

Round 7 was played in cold but sunny conditions though some Under 18s matches were played during foggy and cold conditions.

When reserves and senior matches begun the sun was shining brightly, even Kinglake playing Yarra Glen at home provided a rare mild – and fog free – afternoon of  AFL Yarra Ranges country footy.

With big winners and some surprise losers over the weekend one game separates the top 7 in Division 1.

In Division 2 it’s tight at the top with Yarra Glen now having a game buffer on Seville while four teams knock on the door of the final five.

In senior football – Upwey Tecoma, Healesville, Monbulk, Wandin, Woori Yallock, Alexandra, Yarra Glen, Yarra Junction and Yea recorded wins.

In A Grade Netball –  Belgrave, Olinda Ferny Creek, Mt Evelyn, Upwey Tecoma, Wandin, Alexandra, Kinglake and Yea won the day.

Division 1 Seniors Football

Upwey Tecoma 15.12 (102) def Emerald 9.1 (65)
Upwey once again sits equal top on the ladder but third on percentage after a solid win over Emerald.

Emerald got off to a good start leading at qtr time by 2 points after both sides kicked 4 majors in the first.

Upwey took control in the second banging home 5 goals to 2 to arrest the lead at half time by 21 points.  They were on fire in the third booting a further 6 goals to 1 and had the game well in hand at the last break.

Emerald played some good footy in the last kicking 2 goals and strangling Upwey only letting them kick 3 behinds, but the margin was too far away for them to rein it in.

Upwey Tecoma Best: K. Hinton, B. Oates, D. Waters (6 goals), D. Bell (2 goals), L. Beacom, B. Bantoft.  Emerald Best: B. Moloney (7 goals), C. Thomsen, B. Wood, J. Pedder, J. Rich (1 goal), T. Thomsen.

Healesville 20.14 (134) def Belgrave 9.8 (62)
Healesville sit in fourth spot but are sixth on percentage after a good performance against Belgrave, kicking 5.3 to 3 goals in the opening term.

Healesville kicked away in the second with 4.3 to 1.6 and had a lead of 30 points at half time.

Belgrave won the third quarter kicking 3.1 to 2.4 but the game was looking like it was all over.

An impressive 9 goal last quarter by Healesville well and truly put the game out of reach of Belgrave.

Healesville    20.14 (134)
GOALS: J. McGrath 5, J. Roe-Duggan 2, K. Brown 2.
BEST: J. Savage (2 goals), J. McGrath (5 goals), J. Roe-Duggan (2 goals), M. Hay, K. Brown (2 goals), L. Daly.
Belbrave    9.8 (62)
Best: J. Brown, P. Gough (3 goals), L. Sproules, H. Byron, M. O’Callaghan, J. McDermott.

Monbulk 10.15.75 def Mt Evelyn 8.12.60
Monbulk have kept themselves in touch with the top five with a very good win over Mt Evelyn.  They are now sitting seventh only by percentage while Mt Evelyn have hung onto fourth place by percentage.

They are both on four wins with another two clubs.

The first quarter was a tight contest with both sides kicking 2.3.

Monbulk managed to open up a break at half time by 7 points, but it was anyone’s game.

The third quarter was low scoring and tough footy but Monbulk extended their advantage to 10 points at the last break.

The last quarter was a goal feast with 9 goals kicked but Monbulk played just that bit better to come home with the win.

Monbulk Best: C. Griffiths, D. McClelland, J. Rak, K. Fletcher (2 goals), B. Emmett, S. Van Seters.  Mt Evelyn Best: C. Urquhart, T. Scopel, J. Fellows, A. Gibbons, M. Brierley, B. Lord.

Wandin 19.23.137 def Warburton Millgrove 15.5.95
Wandin sit second on the ladder by percentage after a win over Warburton.

The first quarter was tight but Wandin held a slim lead by 7 points at the first break.

Wandin turned it up a notch in the second kicking 5.8 to 3.1 and they now had a break by 24 points.

Both sides peppered the goals in the third, kiking 11 goals but Wandin won the quarter with a handy break of 35 points at the last break.

Wandin had a bit of leather poisoning in the last with 12 scoring shots to 5 and ran away with the win.

Wandin Best: B. Foley, P. Bruzzese, P. Hodgett (1 goal), C. Johnston (2 goals), J. Byrne, T. Leech-Hines.  Warburton Millgrove Best: A. White, M. Wappett (3 goals), T. McKenzie, B. Clinch, T. McKail (1 goal), L. Barnard.

Woori Yallock 11.13.79 def Olinda Ferny Creek 6.9.45
Olinda dropped thier second game for the season to tighten the top 3 by percentage.

Woori Yallock got the early lead at quarter time by 5 points before kicking 4 goals to 1 in the second going into the main break with a 23-point lead.

Olinda came out and threw the ball at the goals but could not register enough majors only kicking 2.6 to 4.1 as the game slipped away.

Woori Yallock held Olinda to 1.1 in the final quarter while they put on 1.5, coming home with a surprise win.

Woori Yallock Best: J. Matthews (3 goals), A. Marsh (2 goals), R. Allen, K. Thompson (1 goal), E. Clasby (1 goal), M. Batten.  Olinda Ferny Creek: M. Hottes, S. Atkinson, J. Charge (1 goal), D. Troutman, L. Hill, J. Rankin.

Division 2 Seniors Football

Alexandra 21.13.139 def Gembrook Cockatoo 8.6.54
Alexandra hang on to a share of fourth on the ladder with Gembrook in sixth by percentage.

The Rebels were relentless all day never giving Gembrook a look in.  Alexandra got out to a 27-point lead and were never under threat from there, extending their lead to 35 points at half time.

Alexandra came out after the main break kicking 4.6 to 2.1, a 52 point advantage going into the last.

An impressive 7 straight to 2.3 in the last and it wall all over for Gembrook.

Yarra Glen 14.22.106 def Kinglake 11.7.73
Yarra Glen sit atop the ladder undefeated but were challenged as Kinglake got the early lead booting 6.4 to 3.6 in the first quarter, taking the River Pigs by surprise.

Yarra Glen bounced back in the second kicking 4.4 to 1.2 to take a 4 point lead into the main break.

Taking hold of their four-point advantage Yarra Glen took hold in the third, kicking 5.4 to 2 straight to have a handy lead of 26 points going into the last quarter.

The final margin could have been a lot bigger if Yarra Glen had found the big sticks, kicking 2.8 to 2.1 in the last, the River Pigs home by 33 points.

Yarra Glen Best: W. Kristelly, C. Moate, D. Barker, A. Smith (2 goals), D. Hurley (1 goal), L. Telford (2 goals).  Kinglake Best: A. McLaren, J. Graf, M. Quinton, J. Crowe, J. Whitehead (1 goal), B. White.

Yarra Junction 34.20.224 def Thornton Eildon 0.1.1
Yarra Junction now sit 3rd on the ladder outright after a barnstorming performance on the weekend.  Yarra Junction had the ball on a string all day and Thornton could not get near it.  The Eagles had 12 goal kickers in all with Sam Morton bagging himself 8 of the best.  Yarra Junction kicked 14 goals in the 1st half and then 20 in the second half, Thornton had no answers for the onslaught.  Yarra Junction Best: S. Morton (8 goals), A. Chandler (2 goals), S. Cannon (4 goals), J. Bombinski (2 goals), C. Hoare (4 goals), L. Hoffman (1 goal).  Thornton Eildon Best: J. Scotland, D. Creed, B. Clarke, J. Dickson, R. Andrews.

Yea 11.12.78 def Powelltown 2.14.26
Yea bounced back from their loss last week and sit in 5th spot by percentage at the end of the day.  Yea got the early lead and were never headed.  They kicked 4.6 to 3 behinds in the 1st and the scene was set with a 27-point lead.  Powelltown could only manage 1 behind in the 2nd, even Yea could only add 2.3 but they were in front and that was the important thing.  They tidied up in the 3rd kicking 4.2 and Powelltown got their 1st major for the game.  Powelltown would be bitterly disappointed with their scoreline for the day and will do some soul searching during the week.  Yea Best: H. Jarvie (1 goal), R. Aldous (2 goals), J. Ryan, S. Connell, A. McCarthy (2 goals), T. Kirkham.  Powelltown Best: J. Iacono, L. Middlemast, D. Hajder, J. Garthwaite, T. Humphries, J. Mitchell.

Yarra Valley Motor Group Under 18s Football

Upwey Tecoma 14.12.96 def Emerald 8.3.51
Upwey share 4th spot and are 4th on percentage after a solid performance over Emerald.  Upwey got the early jump and did not give it away for the whole game.  They kicked 5.2 to 1 straight to have a commanding lead by 26 points at qtr time.  They booted 7 goals to 2 in the 2nd and went into the main break with a lead of 57 points.  Both only kicked 1 goal in the 3rd but it was all over and considering there were 15 goals kicked in the 1st half and only 7 in the 2nd the sting had gone out of the game.  Upwey Tecoma Best: A. Grenda (7 goals), E. Bosua (4 goals), T. Johnson, A. Bartils (1 goal), J. Goldie, R. Cheslett.  Emerald Best: M. Thomas (2 goals), J. Zimmerling (1 goal), J. Williams, J. Raukola, J. Latham, N. Stuhldreier (1 goal).

Healesville 8.14.62 def Alexandra 3.6.24
Alexandra travelled to Healesville on Saturday and were well and truly in this game up to the last qtr.  It was all square at qtr time with 1.2 apiece.  Neither side could kick a major in the 2nd but Healesville held Alexandra scoreless while they only got 2 behinds to take a lead into the main break.  They opened a bit more of a lead in the 3rd with 3.6 to 1.2 and the margin was now 18 points.  A bit more productive in the last and Healesville came out winners by 45 points.  Healesville Best:    E. Muke, C. Boeder (1 goal), L. Chandler (1 goal), L. Scott, M. Minney (1 goal), R. Greensill.  Alexandra Best: D. McFadzean, B. Thomas, W. Ellis, J. Keath, D. Kaempkes (1 goal), H. Gilmore.

Mt Evelyn 14.18.102 def Monbulk 5.2.32
Mt Evelyn are still undefeated after a strong win over 6th placed Monbulk.  The 1st qtr was reasonably close but Mt Evelyn went in the 2nd with a 16-point lead.  Mt Evelyn took control in the 2nd kicking 5.6 to 1 goal straight and the lead had ballooned out to 46 points at half time.  Monbulk could only manage 1 goal in the 3rd while Mt Evelyn added another 3.  The final qtr was a bit of a slog but Mt Evelyn keep their unbeaten record intact.  Mt Evelyn Best: J. Hattwell (2 goals), J. Merrett, C. Burton (6 goals), M. Darke, H. Watson (2 goals), E. Allan.  Monbulk Best: D. Ross (1 goal), A. Richardson (1 goal), B. Rutherford (2 goals), S. Smith, T. Badgery, J. Wensley.

Wandin 12.18.90 def Warburton 0.0.0
Wandin have their 1st win for the season after beating Warburton.  Warburton could not get their game going at all and Wandin played one of their best games to date and did not allow Warburton to score at all during the game.  It was a tough day at the office for Warburton but as much as they tried Wandin outplayed them in all quarters.  Wandin Best: C. Steiner, R. Johns, B. Ebeyer (1 goal), M. Feakes (2 goals), A. Mandl (2 goals), M. Smith.  Warburton Millgrove Best: J. Bishop, T. Walker, R. Nyko, T. O’Neill, B. MacDonald, J. Buller.

Gembrook Cockatoo 7.10.52 def Woori Yallock 7.5.47

Gembrook Cockatoo sit outright 2nd on the ladder after just getting home over Woori Yallock on the weekend.  Gembrook managed to get on top in the 1st and led by 8 points at qtr time. They increased that lead to 16 points at half time. Gembrook kicked 2.2 to 1.1 to be ahead by 23 points at the last change and looked in control.  Woori Yallock made a late charge on the last holding Gembrook to just 2 behinds while they took control and kicked 3.2 but just fell short by 5 points.  Gembrook Cockatoo Best:   K. Capp, J. Tilly (2 goals), J. Hudson (2 goals), D. South (1 goal), B. Diprose, W. Jordan-Hill.  Woori Yallock Best: R. Blackney, A. Aitchison, J. Moller, C. Holmes, J. Holland, R. Whitworth.

Coldstream Cider Division 1 A Grade Netball

Belgrave 80 def Healesville 17
Belgrave now have 6 wins on the board after accounting for Healesville and share 2nd spot with Woori Yallock.  Belgrave burst out of the blocks with a massive 22 goal 1st qtr and were in control.  They shot 17 goals to 7 in the 2nd to have a half time lead of 27 goals.  Another big qtr with 25 goals and it was all done.  The last qtr was just a formality in the end.  Belgrave Best: Lauren Bennett (33 goals), Jennifer Dewhurst, Kalen Winters.  Healesville Best: Chenile Chandler, Alexandra Bryan, Tiah Large.

Olinda Ferny Creek 68 def Woori Yallock 51
Olinda still are undefeated for the season after beating 3rd placed Woori Yallock on the weekend.

Mt Evelyn 34 def Monbulk Hawks 29
Mt Evelyn has evened up the ledger after a good win over 5th placed Monbulk.  It was a close game with only 5 goals separating them at the final siren.  Mt Evelyn Best: Jacqui Black, Gabrielle Bingley, Monique Lenehan-Moustafa (18 goals).  Monbulk Hawks Best: Kaitlyn Seamer, Sophie Stubbs, Tahlia Northey (21 goals).

Upwey Tecoma 63 def Emerald 39

Upwey have notched up their 3rd win for the season after an impressive win over Emerald. Upwey Tecoma Best: Teah Edelmaier, Peta Day, Samantha Silvester (39 goals).  Emerald Best: Not provided.

Wandin 68 def Warburton Millgrove 38
Wandin hold onto 4th spot on the ladder after a solid win over Warburton.  Wandin started strongly shooting 21 goals to 8 in the 1st.  The 2nd qtr was a goal feast but Wandin still held control at half time.  Warburton tried to get themselves back in the game in the 3rd but could only manage 9 while Wandin shot 14 goals.  The last qtr was a close contest but Wandin won it shooting 15 goals to 11.  Wandin Best: Madeline George, Tayla Harris, Kathleen McMahon.  Warburton Millgrove Best: Zoe Abbruzzese (8 goals), Kirralee Luiyf (21 goals), Selina Fotia.

Coldstream Cider Division 2 A Grade Netball

Alexandra 63 def Gembrook Cockatoo 36
Alexandra have their 1st win for the season after a big win over Gembrook Cockatoo.  They started off in fine form shooting 17 goals to 10 in the 1st.  They took complete control in the 2nd shooting 16 goals to 8 and went into the main break with a 15-goal lead.  Alexandra came out inspired and shot 18 goals to 6 to have this game in their keeping.  Gembrook fought back in the last and it was all square with 12 goals each, but the win was pencilled in for Alexandra.  Alexandra Best: Lauren Steyger (32 goals), Hana Duldig, Kirby Welch.  Gembrook Cockatoo Best: Brooke Munnerley, Michelle Ling (16 goals), Kaylene Clark (16 goals).

Kinglake 65 def Yarra Glen 35
Kinglake share top spot on the ladder but are sitting 3rd on percentage after a good win over 5th placed Yarra Glen.  Kinglake Best: Monique Nagle (26 goals), Abbie Barnes (10 goals), Latoya Wards.  Yarra Glen Best: Meaghan Cowan, Chelsea Birchall, Stacey Gilder.

Yea 87 def Powelltown 39
Yea still sit on top of the ladder but only be percentage after another sterling performance over Powelltown.  Yea Best: Gaby Duncan, Melissa Martinov (47 goals), Kathy Duncan.  Powelltown Best: Emily Ough, Olivia Caneva (21 goals), Jaime Lord.


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