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Lakers swamp River Pigs

Kinglake Ranges News – We’re First for Local Footy
Yarra Glen Recreation Reserve, Yarra Glen.

The Kinglake senior side won by 17 points to keep their finals chances alive,  Kinglake’s reserves had one of their worst losses in years, kicking just one point in the fourth quarter – to remain goalless – for the whole match as they were thrashed by Yarra Glen by 104 points.

In the netball only Kinglake’s C grade recorded a win whilst B grade drew with Yarra Glen at 40 points each.

The seniors were a close affair with the lead rarely more than three goals. There was a northerly wind advantage when kicking to the Yarra River end of the ground, but it was equally advantageous to both teams all day.

Only in the first quarter did Yarra Glen have more inside fifties -nine- than Kinglake’s eight before Kinglake put the pressure on in the second quarter to go inside fifty 13 times whilst Yarra Glen could manage only five for the quarter.

Kinglake’s pressure and fast paced ball movement made it difficult for Yarra Glen to keep up with many players able to quickly break free of their opponent and move the ball forward.

When Yarra Glen did get the footy they often found themselves tackled and losing possession as Kinglake laid 17 tackles in the first quarter with coach Brad Wilkinson telling the players at quarter time “our work rate has to go up again…”

Yarra Glen’s defensive pressure stopped Kinglake from running away with the game and just when it looked like Kinglake may get a reasonable lead Yarra Glen would respond with a goal to bring the margin back to within a few goals.

“I asked you boys to go out and keep the pressure on, keep winning the contested footy”

“And that’s what we got boys.”

“For thirty minutes our work rate has to go up again so we get the four points [win].”

“We go to another level this quarter,” said Wilkinson at three-quarter time.

Yarra Glen coach Adam Best urged his players at the third quarter huddle to “show me some ticker, some character.”

“Show me something, show these people [supporters] something.”

“Not once have we tried to run the footy off half-back.”

“Throw caution to the wind and take it [the footy] on.”

It was a tight, hard fought game that could have easily gone either way quickly though Kinglake kept ahead to win by 17 points.

Kinglake are sixth on the ladder with four wins and six losses. Six matches remain before finals begin on August 27.

KINGLAKE:    2.0 (12)     8.1 (49)     10.6 (66)    13.7 (85)
GOALS: Ryan Mitchell 3, Ben White 2, Jack Crowe 2, Lachlan White, Mason McAllister, Andrew Whelan, Zac White, James Whelan, Bailey Robinson.
Michael Fitzclarence, Jack Crowe, Mason McAllister, Ben White, Lachlan White, Josh Mende .

YARRA GLEN:  2.3 (15)    6.3 (39)   7.5 (47)   10.8 (68)
GOALS: Brendan James 5, Ross McDermott 2, Kyle Hudson, Joshua Keen, Lachlan Telford.
BEST: Trent Russell, Brendan James, Kyle Hudson, Grant Filsell, Jim Baughan, Matthew Davies.

KINGLAKE:   0.0 (0)   0.0 (0)   0.0 (0)   0.1 (1)
BEST: Andrew Young, Jaedin Poacher, Andrew Griffiths, Clinton Booker, Ryan Hurst, Matthew Newton.

YARRA GLEN:   6.3 (39)    9.7 (61)   13.11 (89)   15.15 (105)
GOALS: Brendon Hart 4, Shane Fordham 3, Paul Teijeiro 2, Bryce Muurling 2, Darcy Tucker, Ben Ashton, Devin Grant, Dean Morse.
BEST:  Paul Teijeiro, Chris Moate, Brendon Hart, Ben Ashton, Kristian Booth, Bryce Muurling.

KINGLAKE:  14   26   32   (42)
GOALS: Tarsha Collette 23, Jade White 11, Laura Atkins 8.
BEST: Alice Waack, Taryn Smith, Paige Stanley.

YARRA GLEN:  10   21   37   (45)
GOALS: Georgia Taylor 28, Nicole Moate 17.
BEST: Edana Lacey, Kalie Fraser, Nicole Moate, .

KINGLAKE:   8   22   32   (40)
GOALS: Jade White 33,  Kelsey Smith 7.
BEST: Amy Teodorovic, Jade White, Ellie Hendrie-McDonald.

YARRA GLEN:   8   17   26   (40)
GOALS: Kate Stewart 21, Shannae Melis 16, Melanie-Rose Jakobs 3.
BEST: Shannae Melis, Kate Stewart, Nicole Cairns.

KINGLAKE:   11   25   33   (41)
GOALS: Olivia Turner-Dickason 24, Sally Ann Nott 17.
BEST: Olivia Turner-Dickason, Stacey Chalmers, Errin White.

YARRA GLEN:   7   15   24   (28)
GOALS: Shannae Melis 20, Amy Dennett 8.
BEST: Brianna Jones, Shannae Melis, Amy Dennett.

KINGLAKE:   2   12   13   (18)
GOALS: Rebecca Gallo 15, Sally Ann-Nott 3.
BEST: Sally-Anne Nott, Danielle Varley, Rebecca Gallo.

YARRA GLEN:   8   18   27   (39)
GOALS: Samantha Chetcuti 24, Karly Tucker 9, Kim Christian 6.
BEST: Kim Christian, Morgan Camelleri, Jacinda Fraser.

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