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LIVE: Thornton-Eildon vs Kinglake

Kinglake Ranges News – First with Local Footy.

Thornton Recreation Reserve.

Kinglake kicks first goal of third quarter.

At halftime Kinglake lead by 26.

Thornton kick their second.

Thornton snap their first goal of the match before Kinglake kick two quick goals. Zac White kicks Kinglake’s second goal. At quarter time it’s Kinglake by 16, Thornton yet to score.

The rain has arrived as Kinglake kick the first goal of the seniors.

KINGLAKE: 2.4 (16)  5.8 (38). 7.11 (53)

THORNTON-EILDON: 0.0 (0). 2.0 (12). 2.1 (13)

Thornton reserves win by 47 points. Jess Rabjones kicked the Lakers second goal. Thornton opened the third quarter with three quick goals.

Thornton with a five goal lead at half time.

The reserves have started with Kinglake’s Cameron Caine kicking the opening goal.

THORNTON-EILDON: 3.3 (21). 6.4 (40)  10.6 (66). 11.8 (74)

KINGLAKE: 1.1 (7). 1.3 (9). 2.3 (15). 4.3 (27)


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