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Tigers roar as Lakers fall flat

Kinglake’s away day at Yea didn’t start well with two players injured early in the first quarter. Yea quickly took advantage kicking five goals to one in the first quarter. Kinglake 1.1 (7) Yea 5.4 (34).

Lakers’ coach Nathan Booker addressing players at the first break

“We’re doing … and I’m saying the same thing every single week … we play reactive footy.

“We wait until the balls in our hands before we even start moving … once we’ve got the pill in our hands [and] forwards should already be moving.

“The [Yea Recreation Reserve] ground is massive so we’ve really got to close down space … as soon as the ball turns over it’s man on man footy, isn’t it boys? We’ve really got to be on our game today.

“It’s one of those days boys where we’ve got to go to work and do the little things,” Booker said.

The second quarter was a similar story as Yea kicked four goals to Kinglake’s one, giving Yea a 44 point lead at the main break. Kinglake 2.3 (15) Yea 9.5 (59).

Jayden Butterworth tackles_1.JPG
Kinglake’s Jayden ‘Joey’ Butterworth lays a tackle. PHOTO: Ashley Geelan

Kinglake made changes after half time which worked well helping Kinglake put in a last-half competitive effort kicking seven goals to Yea’s nine in the third quarter. Kinglake 6.4 (40) Yea 12.8 (80).

Kinglake – both the seniors and reserves – need to be more consistent over four quarters of football.

1.1 (7)   2.3 (15)    6.4 (40)    7.4 (46)
Guy Booker 2, Josh Nixon 2, Jayden Butterworth, Jack Crowe, Jack Hamilton.
BEST: Jayden Butterworth, Jack Hamilton, Jake Orchard, Jack Crowe, Luke Hannah, Clint Booker.

YEA    5.4 (34)    9.5 (59)    12.8 (80)    16.13 (109)
GOALS: Nathan Beattie 3, Pat Evans 3, Chris Graham 3, Lachlan Beattie 3, Julian Mahon, Joshua Carroll, Adrian McCarthy, Ryan Timmins.
BEST:  Ryan Timmins, Harrison Jarvie, James Ryan, Jack Salau, Pat Evans, Nathan Beatti.

KINGLAKE    1.1 (7)    1.3 (9)    1.3 (9)    4.5 (29)
GOALS: Cameron Caine 2, Jack Freeth, Matthew McAllister.
BEST: Ryan Hurst, Jess Rabjones, Brett Robinson, Jordan Komen, Matthew McAllister, Layne Hendrie.

YEA   3.2 (20)   9.2 (56)   10.5 (65)    12.8 (80)
GOALS: Ben Wilsmore 3, Joshua Keyte 2, Nick Charles 2, Ben Broadway, Andrew Chisholm, Jack McMaster, Jaryed Garlick, Zack Harry.
Jaryed Garlick, Jordan Harry, Andrew Chisholm, Darcy Pell, Lachlan White, Ben Wilsmore.

YEA   15    20    43    (59)
GOALS: Melissa Martinov 34, Nikki Watts 8, Rachael Hickey 7.
BEST: Gaby Duncan, Kathy Duncan, Ruby O’Dwyer.

KINGLAKE                 13   28     37    (52)
GOALS: Fiona Waack 23, Abbie Barnes 19, Monique Nagle 9.
Caitlin Ryan, Nakita Lastrina, Abbie Barnes.

YEA    16    26    41     (54)
Meg Sundblom 35, Cindy Hayes 19.
Sarah Armstrong, Cindy Hayes, Lauren Cronk.

KINGLAKE       6   12  18   (27)
GOALS: Lauren Watson 14, Jade White 8, Kylie Rabjones 5.
BEST: Lauren Watson, Amy Teodorovic, Jade White.

YEA     12    23    34    (40)
GOALS: Rhiannon Aldous 30, Fiona Purvis 8, Tara Gregory 2.
Rhiannon Aldous, Judy Watts, Jordan Watts.

KINGLAKE    3     5     9     (14)
Olivia Turner-Dickason 8, Jacquilynn Pascoe 6.
Amy Teodorovic, Olivia Turner-Dickason, Stacey Chalmers.

YEA     9    11    18    (27)
GOALS: Hannah Broderic 10, Sarah Lobley 10, Stacey Murray 7.
Hannah Broderic, Sarah Lobley, Stacey Murray.

KINGLAKE    1     5     6     (8)
Ebony Keenan 4, Emily Siggins 4.
Jayde Stoneman, Marnie Bentley, Brianna Draper.


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