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Signs stolen from Healesville’s ‘Roll Play Bike Park’

Yarra Ranges Council is disappointed that miniature road traffic signs, developed to help children learn road rules in a safe environment, have been stolen from Healesville’s Roll Play bike park.

The park is located at Queens Park, between the Queens Park Kindergarten and the Healesville Tennis Club.

Several road signs, which had been installed at the park earlier this month during upgrade works, were reported stolen on Tuesday, October 23.

The park had been upgraded to include a junior speed hump bypass, to give scooter riders and younger children an easier path to take, compared to the original, larger humps on the track.

Traffic signs, including stop, give way and roundabout signs, were also installed along the path, along with line marking to simulate two-way traffic on roads.

Ryrie Ward Councillor, Fiona McAllister, said she was disappointed to hear that the signage had been stolen.

“The vision for this particular park was an opportunity for kids to learn to ride on roads before they actually went on roads.

“When the path was built we had a fabulous, really positive community reaction, but lots of questions around the signage and there was lovely wombats crossing signs and really nice themed signs but there weren’t real signs – that was the opportunity to upgrade and do something more realistic.

“It’s upsetting to see that someone has stolen these signs, which will cost Council money to replace and mean children have to wait longer to experience the park’s full potential,” McAllister said.

Replacing the stolen signs is expected to cost about $500.

Anyone with information about the stolen signs is encouraged to contact Healesville Police on 5962 4422 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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