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“We all have something to contribute” Dunscombe says

Former independent candidate for the (Victorian) state seat of Eildon in the 2018 state election and Kinglake resident Michelle Dunscombe believes “we all have something to contribute to the greater good and our communities.”

For Michelle, #optimism is “seeing the good in the world and every challenge as a learning opportunity,” she said.

It appears that Australian Leadership is an albeit loose group of politicians – or want to be politicians – forming a group. Some may consider that a quasi-political party. Every post on their site uses the words “optimistic” or “optimism” and no statement appears to be a truly individual statement.

Understandably independent candidates for election, whether local, state or federal would form a bond or group with each other. This is especially so given the major parties (ALP, Lib., Greens) have resources and finances that independent candidates for any election would struggle to find.

If independent candidates belong to a group that use the same lines for every candidate one must ask how truly independent they really are.

Michelle Dunscombe is a Community Development practitioner and member of http://www.australianleadership.com/. Her husband,  Leigh Dunscombe is Murrindindi Shire’s Kinglake Ward councillor.

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