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Labor announces Fitzsimons Lane upgrade

Premier Daniel Andrews and Member for Eltham Vicki Ward today announced an upgrade to Fitzsimons Lane in the marginally held Labor seat.

The Victorian Budget 2018/19 – to be officially released tomorrow – includes $2.2 billion to upgrade 13 key routes across marginally held northern and south-eastern electorates.

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy pointed out this morning on 3AW and ABC Radio Melbourne that most of the proposed major upgrades are in marginally-held Labor seats.

“Andrews wasted $1.3 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money tearing up the East West Link contract, after saying it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.

“Now, seven months out from an election he’s discovered that Melbourne is in the grips of a congestion crisis and he wants Victorians to trust him to deal with it,” Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said.

The suburban roads upgrade includes other local roads including Bridge Inn Rd, Yan Yean Rd, Craigeburn Rd and Epping Rd.

All lanes will be opened to traffic between Porter and Foote Streets and there’ll be major upgrades to key intersections hoping to slash travel times and increase peak hour travel speeds by more than 50 per cent.

“During peak hour Fitzsimons Lane has long been a cause of frustration. Last year we gave VicRoads $1.5m to look at how they could improve traffic flow. They’ve been hard at work to put together changes that will get us all home – and to work – quicker,” Ward said.

The roundabouts at Main Rd and Porter St will be replaced with traffic lights with existing traffic lights at the Foote St intersection to be upgraded. The traffic lights will controlled in real time to better manage traffic flows.

Existing bus lanes will be removed between Porter and Foote Streets allowing all lanes to be opened to all traffic.

New traffic lights will also be installed at the intersection of Main Rd and Leane Drive.


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