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Mountain Monthly deserves government grant more than local media

As it superfluous to requirements, Kinglake Ranges News requests the government to provide funding to a competitor and a true, fair and balanced local media outlet, the Mountain Monthly.

Newspaper House, publishers of the Alexandra Standard, Yea Chronicle, Whittlesesa Review and North Central Review, didn’t apply for funding.

Why The Local Paper requires government funding is questionable, given its bumper 80-page issues and advertising revenue.

Would that grant money go a lot further if given to the Mountain Monthly instead?

It’s your money, Mr and Mrs Taxpayer.

As a supporter of local reporting, Kinglake Ranges News believes that any government grant for news reporting in Murrindindi Shire, and in particular the Kinglake Ranges, would best serve the local community if provided via a grant to the Mountain Monthly.

The Local Paper, nor Kinglake Ranges News need a government grant as much as the Mountain Monthly.

We’re for the Kinglake Ranges, whomever is the credible news source, and the Mountain Monthly was created by locals in 1981 with the same passion for providing local news and information (in print) as Kinglake Ranges News (online) today.



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