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PETA can’t believe council would allow Yea cattle sale to go ahead in 40c heat


Animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) can’t believe that the council would allow a cattle sale to go ahead in council-owned saleyards during extreme heat.

A spokesperson for PETA, Laura Weyman-Jones, contacted Kinglake Ranges News after reports of the cattle sale ‘went viral’ on social media.

“If dogs or cats were being treated in this way the perpetrators would be facing charges of cruelty to animals and yet cows have exactly the same capacity to suffer as the animals we know and love.”

“Saleyards are always overwhelming and stressful for the sensitive, intelligent animals who are auctioned off there as if they were nothing more than merchandise.

“Soaring summer temperatures will only make conditions worse for the thousands of cattle crammed into [Murrindindi Shire’s] pens at Yea,” Weyman-Jones said.

“Anyone who consumes animals products is complicit in their torment but we all have the power to put an end to it simply by choosing to eat any of the hundreds of vegan products on supermarket shelves that have all of the flavours but none of the cruelty of the flesh, milk and eggs stolen from animals,” she said.

Murrindindi Shire and the RSPCA have been contacted for comment.


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