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The Local Paper not ranked in statistics as a media outlet

Whilst Ash Long’s The Local Paper continues to claim they are a ‘media outlet’ they are not even classified as such – by any third party independent statistical data provider – as a media outlet.

The Local Paper isn’t even counted as a media outlet by most. We are.

Whether one uses AWStats, SimilarWeb, Google Anyaltics or WordPress stats, Kinglake Ranges News is still the one.

The Local Paper isn’t even considered a media outlet by most third-party statistical providers. It never has been.  Not even mentioned in the media category of most independent, third-party web site data providers. Funny that. When mentioned, there stats are zero.

In fact, AWStats provides highly inflated figures. These figures are much higher than those we’ve published in the past, using SimilarWeb and Google Anayltics.

We call on Long to publish, again, his stats in four columns (WordPress, Google Anayltics, Similar Web and AW Stats). Will they? We doubt it. We will.

We look forward to using AWStats inflated figures as Long has done in the past. The word hilarious would be an undertstatement.

If our figures weren’t correct before and AWStats now shows even higher circulation figures, well. Conclusion. Easy.

No figures have been altered in any way, shape or form by Kinglake Ranges News. The data is provided ‘as  is’ by third-parties.

7__1_19 Per cent.png

In the 28 days to January 4, 95 per cent of locals turned to Kinglake Ranges News. Just 5 per cent read The Local Paper online.



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