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Victoria’s Legislative Council results declared

Legislative Council (Upper House) results for the 2018 state election have been declared tonight following computerised calculations at the Melbourne Showgrounds this afternoon.

Northern Victoria Region
1st elected: Gepp, Mark. Australian Labor Party (ALP)
2nd elected: Lovell, Wendy. Liberal (LNP)
3rd elected: Quilty, Tim. Liberal Democrats
4th elected: Maxwell, Tania Maree. Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party
5th elected: Symes, Jaclyn. Australian Labor Party (ALP)

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) today completed calculations for all eight Upper House regions following more than two weeks of counting, rechecking and data entry in preparation for the computer count.

Electoral Commissioner Warwick Gately noted that more voters chose to vote below the line this year compared to previous elections.

“The number of voters who chose to vote below the line increased this election, from about 6 per cent of voters in 2014 to almost 9 per cent of voters in 2018,” Gately said.


“That means over 300,000 voters chose to control where their preferences flowed.”


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