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From The Mountains to Melbourne

Kinglake Ranges News orginal mission was – and still is – to primarily cover news across the Kinglake Ranges, Goulburn Valley, Diamond Valley, Plenty Valley and Yarra Valley.

Murrindindi Shire supports and pays ratepayer’s money to businesses who allegedly steal other’s work.

Since launching our motto was “From the Mountains to Melbourne,” because what happens in Melbourne is often of value to our readers.

The fact everything we do is soon copied by others proves it works.

We launched in June 2017, born of a La Trobe University project, only to have our idea soon stolen. When payment for future work was refused by a local media owner they said they couldn’t pay for work as ‘they make no money’.

We lead. Others copy with Murrindindi Shire ratepayers (your) money and support for publishing council advertising and public notices.

I ask you, the reader, to question yourself. How would you feel if your hard work as a ‘tradie’ or professional was (of any field of endeavour) was (allegedly) stolen and used?

It’s been noticed that since receiving Murrindindi Shire advertising and public notice contracts a local paper has cut their council attacks from editorial material, often published in a column called ‘Long Shots’.  Funny that. Wonder why?

Murrindindi Shire Council and Deputy Mayor Leigh Dunscombe did not respond to several requests for comment.

This article is not – and should not – be considered a personal attack on Councillor Dunscombe. It is a statement and summary of provable facts to court standards. It is also recognised that Dunscombe has done much work prior to, and during his tenure as Kinglake Ward Councillor, to support the community and indivudals. He continues to do so. 



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