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If faulty powerline fell on fire danger day?

SP AusNet spokeswoman Helena Lilly* tonight told Kinglake Ranges News that the current power outage was due to a “deteriorated conductor,”  known to most as a power-line, that broke.

A deteriorated conductor started Black Saturday in Kilmore East.

It appears – and evidence suggests – it’s still the same old, same old at SP AusNet who are responsible for maintaining Victoria’s electricity grid and infrastructure.

Given the findings of the Black Saturday Royal Commission and subsequent class action – the biggest in Australia’s history – it’s astonishing to learn this is still happening a decade later.

A Flowerdale resident (who requested anonymity) contacted Kinglake Ranges News about the power outage confirming the conductor failure. We were unaware of the outage until then.

Electrical conductors (power-lines) need to be replaced before they deteriorate, not after they fall, fail or spark and start a fire … again.

 *Lilly would not confirm the spelling of surname for publication.


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