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Lakers smash Yea by 74

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Kinglake Memorial Oval, Kinglake Central.

Kinglake quickly put pressure on Yea with 19 inside 50s to Yea’s 10 in the opening quarter, with AFL Yarra Ranges Grapevine predicting that “…the cards might fall Kinglakes’ way today.”

Kinglake took early control of the match kicking the first two goals with the footy in the lakers forward half for most of the first quarter. Kinglake were five goals up early with Yea yet to score.

The lakers had less centre clearances than Yea, 6 to 7, but sill controlled the match at the quarter time break. Kinglake by 19 points as Yea kicked two goals late in the quarter.

At the quarter time huddle Kinglake coach Brad Wilkinson stated “We need to set up a bit differently around the centre clearances.”

“Defensively we’re not setting up well enough around those stoppages.”

Yea coach Mark Beattie told his players at quarter time “We’ve got run in two’s and three’s both ways, that way if we turn it [the footy] over you’re out here jogging…”

The tigers steadied in the second quarter with both the lakers and tigers kicking four goals three. Kinglake had control in the centre with ten centre clearances to just five from the tigers, though Kinglake couldn’t capitalize on them as Yea stepped up its’ defensive pressure. At halftime it was Kinglake by 22.

Kinglake came out after halftime and really put the pressure on Yea with seven centre clearances to just three from Yea with 13 inside 50s from the lakers whilst the tigers only managed six as Kinglake’s accuracy in front of goal improved. At three quarter time Kinglake held a 40 point lead.

The lakers kept up defensive pressure whilst going forward 11 times whilst Yea only managed to get into their forward line three times in the final quarter, with Kinglake winning the match by 74 points as the tigers failed to roar.

Kinglake’s reserves won their second match of the season after defeating Yea. Last time the lakers reserves faced the tigers in Yea, Kinglake managed only two goals for the match. A much improved performance from Kinglake’s reserves, winning by 23 points.

Reserves coach Andrew Young stating after the match “They’ve (Yea) beaten other half alright sides…that shows what we’re really capable of.”

“Make sure everyone gets to training.”

KINGLAKE:    5.4 (31)     9.7 (61)     14.9 (93)    20.14 (134)
GOALS: Bailey Robinson 6, Jack Crowe 3, Zac White 3, Will Graf 2, Ryan Mitchell, Lachlan White, Jayden Butterworth, James Whelan, Ben White, Cam Arnott.
Bailey Robinson, Ben White, Lachlan White, Damien Morrison, Luke Hannah, Jack Crowe.

YEA:  2.0 (12)   6.3 (39)   8.5 (53)   9.6 (60)
GOALS: Shaun Pearce 4, David Webb 2, Harrison Jarvie, Riley Aldous, Patrick Evans.
BEST: Riley Aldous, Daniel O’ Dwyer, James Ryan, Cameron Evans, David Webb, Patrick Evans.

KINGLAKE:   2.1 (13)   6.6 (42)   8.8 (56)   11.11 (77)
GOALS: Owen Robinson 2, Rodney Pratt 2, Sam Mather 2, Clinton Booker, Jeremy Graf, Matthew Newton, Jaedin Poacher.
BEST: Owen Robinson, Matthew Newton, Jaedin Poacher, Rodney Pratt, Clinton Booker, Dean Mercuri.

YEA:   2.4 (16)    3.4 (22)   6.5 (41)   8.6 (54)
GOALS: Ben Broadway 3, Lachlan White, Ashley Justice.
BEST: Ben Broadway, Zac Butler, Darcy Pell, Andrew Butterworth, Anthony Murray, James Clavarino.

KINGLAKE:  7   10   16   (24)
GOALS: Lauren Beaton 10, Tarsha Collette 9, Laura Atkins 5.
BEST: Tarsha Collette, Lauren Beaton, Amber Cretella.

YEA:  16   29   40   (55)
GOALS: Nikki Watts 30, Meg Sundblom 21, Megan Leatham 4.
BEST: Nikki Watts, Megan Leatham, Sophie Watts.

KINGLAKE:   4   12   18   (24)
GOALS: Jade White 13,  Kelsey Smith 9, Anna Sutherland 2.
BEST: Jade White, Anna Sut herland, Ellie Hendrie-McDonald.

YEA:   8   21   36   (45)
GOALS: Amanda Akers 26, Cindy Hayes 14, Regina Bell 5.
BEST: Lauren Cronk, Chelsea Helder, Rhiannon Aldous.

KINGLAKE:   6   10   15   (18)
GOALS: Olivia Turner-Dickason 11, Sally Ann Nott 7.
BEST: Olivia Turner-Dickason, Kylie Butler, Sarah Baerken.

YEA:   6   13   16   (21)
GOALS: Jessica Armstrong 16, Fiona Purvis 5.
BEST: Judy Watts, Ruby O’Dwyer, Deborah Schickerling.

KINGLAKE:   4   5   9   (12)
GOALS: Rebecca Gallo 9, Haylee Wilks 3.
BEST: Jayde Stoneman, Rebecca Gallo, Kylie Shelly.

YEA:   9   17   27   (35)
GOALS: Alicia O’Connor 17, Amy Smith-Jones 17.
BEST: Sarah Lobley, Harriet Valamis, Amy Smith-Jones.

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