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Gettin’ ripped off, under-paid, gettin’ sold, second hand

We’re still the one despite “Gettin’ ripped off, under-paid, gettin’ sold, second hand,” and we keep on keeping on. That’s how it goes, ‘writing in band’. (AC/DC ‘Long Way To The Top)

Despite being a one-man band, Kinglake Ranges News is still Murrindindi Shire’s  #1 online news site. It is a lot of work to study, report, code, take photos, mange business and conduct interviews as a one-man band without an income.

Whilst the Alexandra Standard, Yea Chronicle and Mountain Views Mail also took past work, they all stated ‘thanks for your work Asho [and] hope we helped you out’. They still do.

Yes, they are now competing media outlets, but they have integrity. Long doesn’t.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sUXMzkh-jI?ecver=1&w=627&h=512]

Those media outlets were fair, reasonable and honest. One newspaper man wasn’t and isn’t.

Not only did they [Long] say ‘they couldn’t afford to pay’ as they ‘make no money’ they went ‘full attack’. They then went on to steal all my ideas and work.

This whole saga started as, on the advice of university and MEAA that I should be paid for my work.

Do you, the reader, go to work for free too?

Funny how they (Long) said “your blog [this site] idea will never work,” then went about stealing the same idea. If it doesn’t work and is “a waste of time” why did they steal the idea?

It is an indisputable fact that Ash Long and his writing would not pass semester one year one of a journalism degree today.

Long’s writing wouldn’t even pass JRN1TEJ (The Emerging Journalist) – first year journalism subject at La Trobe University – as several elements are (always) missing from his work. I could write why but I am not giving away free advice here.

And yes folks, it’s true by this time next year you’ll be reading a site provided by a properly qualified journalist, not an advertising rep pretending to be a journalist.

Turning up at a few events and taking happy snaps still isn’t journalism. Part thereof, sure, but just turning up at functions and publishing a few pictures does not a real journalist make.

The editor of Kinglake Ranges News, Ashley Geelan is an accredited media reporter for Magistrates’ Court, County Court, Supreme Court, High Court (Australia), Country Fire Authoirty (CFA), Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning (DEWLP), Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Parliament of Victoria and Public Transport Victoria.

The editor of Kinglake Ranges News can produce (or provide) evidence of this accreditation. Can Ash Long? I’ll bet no.

After all, they (Long) have had 30 more years than I to obtain said media accreditation, but he doesn’t have it. One wonders why?

Too busy with selling advertisinjg, but turn up and take a few pictures.

If you, the reader, think Long turned up and ‘gave away’ free advertising then you are not reading between the lines.

Long ‘gave away’ those ads in The Phoenix as a way of getting his foot back in the door of the local market so he could re-launch his past failed ventures, again. Despite his claims of giving away “millions in free ads” it was just a marketing exercise.

How many people did Long warn on Black Saturday?

Did Long go to Kinglake and surrounding businesses and warn them of impeding danger?

Did Long help save the Mountain Monthly (a great local publication) offices?

Is advertising more important than proper journalism?

Some are ads people, some are community people. The proof is ‘in the pudding’ so to speak.

Within the media – and real journalists – Long is well known as an alleged thief (of others’ work). Doing such since the 1970s. True.

Long also claimed when requested for a 29-year-old report that he ‘doesn’t keep archives’.But strangely publishes archives every week.

In fact most of his Local Paper is just archival material.

Every journalist keeps archives. (Kinglake Ranges News has there’s dating to 1988, when Ashley Geelan was 10 years old).

Ash Long has been contacted for comment.






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