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Shire approves Yea Butter factory modifications

At June’s ordinary council meeting Murrindindi Shire approved modifications to the Yea Butter Factory and its proposed future use as community cultural centre.

On Wednesday, June 27 council granted a permit for modifications to the historic Yea Butter Factory and changes to its use with just one objection from a nearby resident.

Councillor Margaret Rae said the purpose of the application was to allow the site at 13 Rattray Street to be developed and used as a place of assembly.

“The building and land are protected under a Heritage Overlay in the Murrindindi Planning Scheme. Council sought the advice of a heritage consultant who endorsed the proposed works,” Cr Rae said.

“The planned modifications to the building and the site, such as the development of onsite parking, are to facilitate its use for events such as theatre productions, wellness classes, conferences, functions and concerts.

“These kind of events have the potential to provide a positive benefit to the community and increase tourism opportunities for the area.

“Council did receive an objection to the proposal from a nearby landowner worried about the proposed hours of operation, traffic and amenity impacts.

“But after Council Officers sought clarification about proposed uses, we were satisfied the applicant’s requests were reasonable, consistent with the Murrindindi Planning Scheme and would not negatively affect neighbouring properties.

“So Council agreed to issue a Notice of Decision to grant a planning permit as requested by the applicant. This means the objector will have 21 days to apply to VCAT for a review of Council’s decision. If no appeal is lodged, a planning permit will be issued,” Cr Rae said.

The Yea Butter Factory was built in 1905 and is a three-storey brick building situated on approximately 1.75 hectares of land between Rattray Street and View Street, Yea.

Since the manufacture of butter was discontinued in 1993, the site has been used as a dwelling and also as a restaurant.


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