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Whittlesea Tech School equips students for future

Students from 14 schools across Whittlesea will now have access to the latest technology and innovative learning programs, with the State Government officially opening the new Whittlesea Tech School yesterday, September 3.

Minister for Education James Merlino said the state-of-the-art facility, located at Melbourne Polytechnic’s Epping campus, is the seventh of 10 Tech Schools to open under the Government’s $128 million Tech School initiative.

“Our kids need to be prepared for the jobs of the future – and that’s exactly what our Tech Schools will deliver. Tech Schools will make STEM accessible and exciting, giving students practical experience and confidence,” Merlino said.

Students will be able to use the latest audio visual, design and laboratory facilities and equipment to experiment and develop projects. Whittlesea students are already getting a taste of the Tech School’s pilot programs, which have been developed in consultation with local schools, community and industry partners and involve students exploring everything from biotechnology to urban planning and high-tech art installations.

Designed by ClarkeHopkinsClarke architects, the new school features purpose-built spaces for students to collaborate, practice design and participate in high-level problem solving, as well as design spaces where students get hands-on experience using specialised high-tech STEM equipment.

The high-tech hands-on programs will be offered free to more than 10,000 students from the 14 government, catholic and independent schools across Whittlesea and align with local industries offering employment growth, including advanced manufacturing, scientific and technical services, healthcare and social assistance, and food and fibre.

Tech Schools are part of the Labor Government’s plan to boost performance in STEM subjects, including a 25 per cent increase in the number of Year 9 students reaching the highest level of achievement in mathematics and 33 per cent more 15-year-olds reaching the highest levels in science.

“Whittlesea Tech School has been co-designed with industry and community to help students to develop the skills and experience needed to prosper in a rapidly changing world, ” Member for Yan Yean, Danielle Green said.


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